The Best Parent-Proof Fashion For Moms

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Lego gets it. Moms, dads, and brick lovers everywhere, Lego has heard your cries as you try to walk across a room full of toys and are offering a solution. Lego-proof slippers! Designed in collaboration with the French advertising agency Brand Station, these slippers have been given extra padding to guard against the pointy bricks all too often strewn across the floors of playrooms worldwide. Pretty damn fantastic if you ask me. Unfortunately, the first batch only has 1,500 pairs which will be distributed to customers who filled out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website. I bet the trend catches on, though, and soon we will have these parent-proof fashion items in local stores. While we wait, let’s consider some other ways to keep safe and fashionable when you’ve got a household full of crazy young ones. Here is my favorite parent-proof fashion for moms.

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Black is contemporary, thinning, stylish, and safe. It’s slimming in all the best ways and makes you look fashionable. Unfortunately, black also highlights every stain and little imperfection. It’s easy to remember how volatile white is, but black seems so dark and sturdy we often don’t remember what a mess it can look like until it’s too late. Opt for colors and prints instead! They’re easier to clean, modern and exciting, and it has been said the brighter you dress the more energetic you feel. Can’t pass up a chance at extra energy, can you?

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They’re lightweight, flexible, and hide those legs you don’t have time to shave. What’s not to love? Paired with the right top, leggings are mom’s fashion lifesaver. Treat your leggings like tights. A mid-thigh tunic or casual dress will give you the freedom to move about easily without feeling sloppy. No matter how the fabric drapes, you’ll be happy you’ve got leggings on underneath. With all the bending and reaching required when you have children, flexible clothes are a winner every time.

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Get some really good sneakers with full ankle support. In a life where you have to be on your toes at all times, a pair of running shoes will help you feel confident and energetic. Brands like New Balance and Reebok fill the soles of their shoes with a gel-like substance that adapts to an individual’s foot shape. This cuts down on the stress and fiction you feel while walking, leaving you with more energy for your children and work. The other great thing about sneakers is that they are popping up in high-end fashion shows more and more this decade. You can be sturdy on your feet and fashionable at the same time.

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You can embrace the loose-fitting tee after pregnancy, too! It’s a quick, inexpensive way to skim over your post-baby tummy and keep cool as you go about your active lifestyle. Loose t-shirts are everywhere, so it’s important to make sure the proportions and neckline of whichever shirt you pick are right for you. A flattering neckline can make up for a multitude of baggy, loose sins. Pair your shirt with a skirt or pants that fit the daily occasion. A pencil skirt to dress up a notch for a day of errands or chaperoning a birthday party, jeans or shorts if it’s a weekend inside or a day in the yard. If you’re heading straight from home to work, throw on a blazer to transform into the role of the chic business lady in a matter of seconds.

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If you’re flaunting something gaudy or complex, the design is at risk of snagging or being damaged as you run about your active motherly life. Elaborate pieces are for nights out or anniversary dinners. If you’re playing catch in the yard or running errands, keep your accessories simple and minimal. There’s no reason not to wear a long pendant necklace or decorative ring to the grocery store or even on a camping trip, but be careful of wearing anything more. You don’t want a multiple layered necklace or diamond bracelet to get tangled in or tempt curious fingers.

Fashion for moms doesn’t have to be extravagant. Clean and simple always works. It lets your soul shine and your body move as it needs to. Whether dodging Lego bricks or dancing at a birthday party, embrace parent-proof style. It’ll make life simpler for everyone. Most of all, you.


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