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Awesome Skincare Gadgets for Your Tech-Savvy Beauty Routine

Spring is an excellent time to jump-start your tech-savvy beauty routine. With the new oppressive heat and casual atmosphere, change is already in the air. You’re swapping your makeup look from pale winter colors to ruddy spring hues, your nail polish from glitzy to playful, and your hairstyle from glamorous to understated. Sweat is forcing you to ease up on the moisturizer and get serious about facial cleansers and exfoliators. With all these seasonal transitions going on, it makes sense to find new beauty gadgets to help you make a seamless leap from March chills to the April heat. These innovative tools are the best of the bunch. Though they all originally debuted in 2016, this spring is their first outing as everyday gadgets rather than high profile technological inventions. It’s never too late to hop on the tech-savvy fashion beauty bandwagon. 

skincare technology
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You may be surprised how hard a good, thorough cleanse is to come by. Exfoliating and scrubbing down your face after a long day is only healthy if you’re using the right tools. Scrape away the grit and grime with bristles that irritate your skin and you’ll risk redness and swelling for a week. This is where an electric microdermabrasion tool comes in handy. Gadgets like these feature various head attachments that will cleanse, massage, and relax your muscles and skin. Most use a sonic frequency as help tighten wrinkles and free clogged pores. With its gentle brush and multiple speeds, you’re sure to find a combination that can serve you well.

laser hair removal
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As bikini season rolls around, you’re probably assessing those hairy trouble spots and comparing hair removal options. Instead of spending heaps of money on laser hair removal, do away with your small clumps using a hand-held device. Thanks to beauty inventors, your at-home tech-savvy beauty routine can now include effective elōs technology as good any local salon. This option will prove tedious if you have serious patches of hair, so evaluate your hairiness carefully. Always remember there’s no shame in going to the salon to correct a particularly large section of hair. However, if you’ve just got a few unflattering spots around your underarm, why not just solve the issue from home? Quick, easy, and cost-effective. 

LED skincare
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If you’re a Richard Magazine regular, you’ve heard all about how LED lights can help maintain your glistening white smile. Now it’s time to start applying the same idea to that frustrating outbreak on your face. Red and blue LED lighting is surprisingly effective when treating skin ailments like acne. The powerful rays shine deep into your clogged pores and kill off harmful bacteria to prevent swelling and clear out your face. It’s literally zapping zits in the subtlest, cleanest way.

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Humidity may mean you cut down on moisturizing your skin, but it doesn’t mean the occasional hydration process isn’t fruitful. Who can turn down a leisurely sauna? This steam tool is specially designed to simultaneously clarify and detoxify your skin for a ruddier, more health-driven look. If you’re looking to incorporate multiple gadgets into your tech-savvy beauty routine, steam up with this right before you use a cleansing tool. It’s a one-two spa and salon progression that’s perfect for any face. And thanks to technology, you can apply both treatments while resting comfortably in your bed.

micro needling
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Micro-needling is one of 2017’s biggest beauty trends so far. Featuring dozens of minuscule pricks that open up and freshen your skin, it triggers an anti-aging healing process with each poke. If you’re concerned about wrinkles or the absorption quality of your skin, these needles will be your saving grace. The at-home version of this trendy tool comes equipped with 540 surgical stainless-steel microneedles on a cylindrical turnstile. Run it gently across your face like a mini steamroller for the best result. One note of reassurance for the squeamish: Don’t let your fear of needles dissuade you from this beauty tool. It’s super subtle and won’t hurt a bit.

Keeping your skin fresh and healthy is always a challenge. These tools will help you usher in spring with an enviable tech-savvy beauty routine. Time to try technology as your everyday skincare go-to.


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