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Sweat-Proof Makeup Ideas To Keep Your Face From Melting Off

Sweat is no fun. Who wants smelly salty liquid trickling down their face? It’s gross, and if you’re decked out in a carefully crafted makeup look, all your artistry will melt away in a flash. Even worse, makeup and moisture are about as friendly a pair as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. In other words, if you let grime-tinged moisture seep into your pores, there’s probably going to be a battle under your skin that results in a demeaning breakout. Don’t let things get out of hand until your face is covered in pimples. Instead, grab a pen and write down these tried-and-true techniques for sweat-proofing your dripping skin. Whether you’re headed to the gym or primping for a summer dinner date, these expert face prep tips will keep your makeup from melting away in the heat of the moment.

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There’s a step in between cleansing your face and slathering it with makeup. Crack open a toner to help fend off pesky oils and keep those hungry pores clear. Good toners even help control the shine of your skin, boosting your makeup of choice to the next level when it comes to shimmering brilliance. Toner alone won’t keep your precious application job from melting away in the heat, but an even coat sets a good foundation to build on. Best not skip steps when it comes to your makeup, don’t you think?

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Perhaps you don’t like fried eggs in the morning, but when it comes to your sun-exposed skin it’s time to stop being picky. Wear sunscreen. It’s an important element of any skincare regimen, and if you’re one of those gals who need to keep wrinkles and creases at bay, good sun block is absolutely essential. Apply a healthy coat right after you cleanse to avoid disrupting the finer touches of a makeup look. If your sunscreen is water resistant, it will keep the sweat away too!

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Some say sunscreen makes an effective primer. We beg to differ. Sunscreen is a passable substitute for good primer, but it doesn’t smooth your pore and block excessive shine like a good touch-up product should. Keeping your face matte and poreless is a worthy feat when you’re facing days and days of incessant heat. Another little trick to try is blotting extra shiny areas on your face. This removes oily residue that’s guaranteed to take your makeup with it when it melts off mid-day. Keep your colors and your shine with primer. After all, two is better than one.

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Sweat and powder don’t mix. If you set your makeup and start sweating, particles of powder will gather in large clumps somewhere halfway down your face. Not to mention, these products are heavy. The workout they give your face, though minor, can make you sweat even more than normal. All these reasons combined make a strong case for holding off on powdering your face when it’s hot out. Your look may be vulnerable to little smears, but that still beats clumps of product speckled across your face.

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Cooling sticks are an obvious invention that will get you impressive results. Basically, these icy products are thick lipstick containers loaded with artificial ice rather than lip color. You keep one in your purse and whenever the heat gets too unbearable, rub its cool surface along key pressure points on your body. If you can cool down quick like this, sweat will barely be an issue. Here’s to thinking outside the box this summer.

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For those of you who find a cooling stick too drastic, there’s always the rose water spritz. It’s like a blast of air conditioning with lasting effects. Fill up your water bottle and screw on a spray lid for soothing vapor to fend off pesky sweat.

Sweat-proofing your face isn’t hard to do. It just takes a little time. Investing extra minutes before you head out this fall will keep your trendy makeup looks sparkling and clear, even if you are sweating like a pig.


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