Summer Party Outfits

In the Studio with Richard Magazine: Here’s What To Wear To This Season of Summer Parties

June is officially here, and that means you likely have a ton of summer parties and events coming up. From graduation parties to fancy brunches, June weddings, and more, we’re sure you have a lot of events on your calendar keeping you busy. But the big question is: what do you wear to each of these occasions? The Richard Magazine team has put together an exclusive video guide to your go-to summer party outfits for 2018, and we will have you covered for any exciting moment you have on the horizon.

When you are picking out summer party outfits, make sure to consider the venue you’ll be attending, the fabrics you are most comfortable in, and any unexpected weather changes that may occur throughout the affair. Make sure to take advantage of the season, and remember to add in bright and cheery pops of color wherever you can!

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Clothing brands featured in this video: Prada, Gucci, Rebecca Minkoff, Aqua, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden, Revolve Clothing, Romeo + Juliet Couture, Phillip Lim, XOXO. Additional pieces provided by My Fashion Crate.


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