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9 Summer Outfits You’ll Feel Super Cute In

Summer is coming and it’s time for you to seize the season. That smiling sun deserves your full cooperation. As the temperature rises and everyone flocks to the beach, it’s time to shed your transitional spring garb for fully committed warm weather attire. There’s more to summer fashion than flip-flops and bikinis. Far from being merely an expanded version of beach town chic, cute summer outfits run the gamut from tropical casual to comfortable formal. There are abundant bra tops and mini-skirts, but also airy cardigans and lightweight jeans. Don’t believe the myth that your summer wardrobe is simply a recycled collection of last year’s swimwear and this year’s spring trends. A true fashionista knows summer is a whole different ball game. This year, go out and shop like summer really matters. You’ll impress your friends, wow your colleagues, and your closet will be super thankful.

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Bralettes and short skirts are givens for an effective summer wardrobe. It’s what you wear around these warm weather pieces that counts. Elevate your beach wear with a long, light-weight cardigan for some extra class and insulation from the occasional evening breeze.

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Normally, bold red shades are reserved for your autumn and winter wardrobes. This year, the color is so hot it’s bleeding over into the summer. Pull out that billowy scarlet blouse that always feels a little too thin in September. It’s time to wear crimson to the beach!

golden yellow
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Yellow is to summer what red is to winter. Your seasonal wardrobe will feel incomplete if there aren’t a few shades of this happy color. If you like yellow tops, stick to simple pastels. Golden yellow works best on your bottoms or as one element in the print design on your shirt.

spring florals
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If you must wear spring florals during the summer, give them a warm weather twist. Find a dress that incorporates spaghetti straps and really reveals your shoulders and upper chest. Trendy sunglasses are another great way to make this hybrid summer outfit a success.

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When you’re showing off a bunch of skin this summer, take advantage of your flesh-toned canvas. With the right accessories, you can give those short shorts and tank top some extra personality. Hats, necklaces, earrings and more all work wonders. You can wear get creative and find a way to make your second layer feel like an add-on. Shirts tied around your waist as still a thing.

leather jackets
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The pattern of choice for your dress this summer is stripes. Don’t buy any more florals or polka dots until the fall. Multi-colored strips of color have a very beachy feel and they’ll let you carry the spirit of the tropics wherever you roam. Slip on a leather jacket if you need another layer. It’s the embodiment of summer Western Chic.

90s fashion
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That strange combination of the slip dress and t-shirt is back ready for business. This is a fun look that will let you wear your fancy slip in professional settings without showing too much boob. Pick a colorful tee that highlights something about your dress. The 90s white t-shirt thing is so been there, done that.

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If industrial looks are your thing, a jeans and tank top combo will suit you well. In 2017, it can even be a for of high fashion. If simple and rugged is the way you like to roll, fill out your ensemble with some leather heel boots and a scarf. Scarves are key. Even on a warm day, your casual summer wardrobe will only benefit from decorative neckwear fashion.

70s jumpsuit
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2017 summer fashion has introduced us to the RompHim and some brave souls are even trying to bring back the infamous 70s jumpsuit. Though you must be careful with one-piece clothing, this is the year to stick one or two rompers in your wardrobe. The bolder the print, the better.

Summer outfits don’t have to be boring and summer fashion doesn’t have to be relegated to beach wear. Break free from stereotypical warm weather clothing and try something new this season. You may just find a new signature look if you search hard enough.



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