Check Out These Wacky Summer Hat Trends

If you like gaudy summer hat trends and deliciously colorful fashion, you should check out the 2017 Kentucky Derby. This annual horse race is always crowded with the most fanciful hats, gowns, and suits you could ask for. It’s like a Coachella fashion’s equivalent from the right side of the tracks. Of course, Derby fashion boasts its own kind of crazy. An entire replica of the race’s iconic starting gate fashioned into towering headwear, though ornate, is still quite ridiculous. However, there’s a lot of useful things you can learn about wide-brimmed summer hats from scanning the crowd during the races. Whether you’re considering a new beach hat or shopping for an inventive Mother’s Day gift, glean your information on summer hats trends from Derby fashion. You deserve the best in floppy hats this season.

summer hat trends
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Derby fashion featured huge brims. Umbrella-sized brims no normal person would know what to do with. You shouldn’t run around wearing a hat the circumference of a tire on your head, but trim the brim in a few inches and your over-sized brim will be the perfect size for this summer. This is often one of the beach-goers’ favorite summer hat trends. When you find a hat the perfect size, it should double as your shade umbrella without getting in the way as you go about your day.

summer hat trends
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Whether you favor a lop-sided look with one gigantic flower to the side or an entire garden on top of your head, nature-inspired hats are in. At the Kentucky Derby, most floral hats featured roses, but the choice of flower is really up to you. Just choose a consistent shape so you can tie your entire hat look together. When it comes to this year’s summer hat trends, more is always better. Don’t pile a lot of heavy flowers on your head, but the more silk petals you can use to extend your head garden the better.

summer hat trends
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Every sort of mini was on display at the Derby this summer. There were classic veiled pillboxes and playful cocktails. Many women even sported tiny top hats and fascinators to add a more cabaret feel to the festivities. Minis are perfect if you value finesse and see your hat as more of an accessory than a functional piece. They won’t give you much shade, but you’ll dazzle looking like a feminine ingénue. Pretty much anyone who dons a mini is going to seem like a youthful spirit.

summer hat trends
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The feathered hat is alive and well when it comes to summer hat trends. This year, go all out and try to find something with unusual colors and a less traditional flair. Feathered hats in 2017 aren’t somber bulks of peacock and pheasant tail feathers. They’re gaudy and colorful stuffed with thin long strands of feathers dyed golden yellow, aqua blue, and fuchsia. Your feathers should look a little chaotic, like a fireworks display frozen mid-explosion. Obviously, this isn’t the hat to wear for a day out at the amusement park. Save it for semi-formal occasions where you can show off a little.

summer hat trends
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Straw summer hats are always in style for men, but they fluctuate when it comes to women. This year, woven designs are out. Your new summer hat should feature lace covering a thin lattice base. If you’re working with a pillbox or mini, drape a decorative veil over your face. Think tender and sweet rather than classic or traditional. Modern designs don’t always have to feature tech-savvy materials.

Unlike most of the other trends running through fashion at the moment, this year’s summer hat trends favor appearance over function. They’ll give you shade and make you look fabulous. Spoil yourself with one or two this summer.


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