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Catch These Top Summer Fashion Brands Before The Season Ends

The last month of summer arrived on Tuesday. It came quickly like it usually does, quietly so everyone almost missed it. As the reality begins to set in, all those plans you had but never fulfilled come flooding back and people start booking last minute holidays to make up for lost time. It’s happening with wardrobes too. September’s impending approach has fashionistas rushing to the nearest stores for fall collections, but it also makes a few summer lovers flock to the discount rack to try on the summertime couture they missed while sweating away in June and July. It’s a craze that won’t last long, but while it rages people are going to spend a week or two passionately reliving all the greatest moments of 2017 summer fashion. You don’t have to join in the wild recollection of trends recently past, but the chaos is a nice excuse to check out some trendy brands you might have missed last spring. Here are a few top-notch labels who really distinguished themselves these past few months.

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Model Alexa Chung didn’t start to make her mark as a designer until this year. Before 2017, she was simply a fashion mogul known for her haute couture take on what critics have since dubbed “girl fashion.” Now, as a creative in her own right, Chung is turning out floral blouses, white overalls, and platform sandals for use at the shore, on the town, or in the quiet of your own bedroom. As some of the less revealing pieces on this list, it might be worth a browse at Alexa Chung. Most of her summer collection can easily help you transition into fall attire.

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Streetwear and athleisure blend in the designs of Mo&Co., an emerging name in simple summer fashion. Sophisticated though the brand is, their modern vibe offers a wide variety of looks from comfortable tennis uniforms to slogan tees and frayed cut-offs. Anyone who’s been to the beach before knows the value of a collection like this. On your final trip to the sand dunes, dare to let loose and go for casual.

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Don’t worry. We’re well aware Kanye West is not the flawless fashion designer he claims to be. Yet, however disastrous his 2016 Fall show was, there’s something trendy and relevant about the singer’s infamous nude collection. It’s spot on for pairing with your tan and highlighting the gentle radiance of soft light skin. Basically, if you’re planning to show a lot of skin at the beach, Kanye might be your man just this once.

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Yes. This Hong Kong-based brand blends bold urban designs with refined fashion choices for an outfit that manages to be both tough and sophisticated at the same time. It’s just what you want to stroll about in when you’re on vacation in a large beach town. We’re also huge fans of their kitsch t-shirts which are one of the finest 90s throwbacks to emerge from the trend. Don’t let these distinct merits slip you by even if summer is fading fast. Pick wisely and you can recycle these shirts again and again in your fall wardrobe.

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Toughened up by grunge culture and the world of skateboarders, this is the brand that kept those rebellious 00s alive and kicking. Ripped jeans, graphic hoodies, and the camo print are all prominent features in the company’s work. Ready to start Noughties fashion for real but not sure where to begin? One ensemble from Wasted Paris’s startling collection will have heads turning to greet you in no time.

Summer may be almost over, but there’s still plenty of time to indulge in the looks you missed out on. If you keep your curiosity to a minimum, you’ll find outfits that work now and can come back when May starts up the summer carousel again. Go relish these last few weeks of summer shopping for the finest war, weather clothes. With big sales and a dwindling market, it’s just the right time to get in and out quickly.



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