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Tweak Your Trendy Wardrobe With Summer Accessories

Jewelry is not the only accessory you need to worry about when you’re building a stylish outfit. If every detail matters, you should be in tune with the latest trends pertaining to belts, socks, gloves, and everything in between. All this information can get overwhelming after a while but try to stick with it. The fashion police exist to make you look better. After all, you never know when the perfect socks or a sexy belt will catch the attention of a handsome fellow. It sounds like over-selling but summer accessories make up a significant part of your warm weather outfit. When you’re walking around in one or two piece outfits everything you wear stands out. Make sure your accessories deserve to be noticed. The last thing you want is an epic fashion fail.

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This belt is often used as a waist-slimming technique but there are other reasons to give it a go. The most obvious of these is that it’s a corset without an irritating front. Corsets are firmly in style whether you like it or not, so if you prefer loose-fitting tops the corset belt is a perfect way to imitate corset fashion and still wear your favorite baggy shirts. In some cases, corset belts are uniquely artistic. The wider shape makes ornate weaves and other patterns stand out more against you outfit. If you want a statement belt that doesn’t feature some gaudy buckle, this is the summer accessory for you. There are dozens of colors to choose from so make sure you find something that complements your wardrobe. If you wear a lot of black, a pure white corset belt might not be the piece for you.

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If you’re not running around in a corset, there’s still no need for a belt buckle if you’re wearing a dress. It seems the fashion leaders of 2017 decided it was time to do away with brass fasteners and go with something simpler. Today, rather than worrying about belt loops and belt holes, all you need to do is tie your belt into a simple, decorative knot. For a summer dress, try to tie your belt into a bow on the side or near the center. If you’re wearing something a little wild, get inventive and see what sculpted knots you can come up with. It should be obvious that these buckle-less belts also signal a trend away from leather and toward colorful cloth. Tying up leather belts takes an entirely different technique.

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When you wear a scarf in 2017, make it a skinny one. Find something a little longer than normal and really let it dangle in the breeze as you walk along. This is a year for summer accessories with personality. Like the knotted belt, give yourself time to experiment with how you tie your scarf so you can best maximize its flowing potential. If you tie them right, they’ll look like streamers flowing from your summer outfit. This colorful quality means you can choose bolder colors and gaudier patterns than you normally do for a scarf. Think of your skinny scarf like a funny tie and run with it.

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For years, wide horizontal stripes were only used on sports socks. They were fashionable on the soccer field and baseball diamond. If you needed something to wear to a casual dinner or even a day at the zoo, it was solid socks or some other entertaining print. Thanks to athleisure, you can now wear athletic stripes on your socks wherever you want. Some people are even breaking this look out for semi-formal occasions. Don’t take on the trend quietly. This is one of those summer accessories you either wear loud and proud or leave on the shelf.

These summer accessories aren’t too dramatic a change from 2016, but they’re just different enough to make a tweak to your wardrobe worthwhile. Many times, your style prowess really does hinge on the details. Will you be a sloppy wannabe or a true fashionista?


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