Summer 2018 Pantone Colors

Pantone Names the Trending Travel Colors of Summer 2018

You have likely heard the phrase “soundtrack of the summer,” used to describe that playlist of songs you naturally gravitate towards during those lazy poolside days of the season. Or perhaps your biggest summer memories revolve around the trips you take and the adventures you go on. Well, the Pantone Color Institute is incredible at using data to predict which colors will be making a huge influence across fashion, beauty, design, and more – so it shouldn’t surprise you that now the brand has picked out the Summer 2018 Pantone Colors now influencing travel.

Pantone teamed up with California city tourism board Visit Carlsbad, and the marketing firm HireInfluence, to pinpoint the trending hues across social media that are capturing where we’re all at in terms of our lifestyle, outdoor adventure, and travel photography. The results? A four-part color palette consisting of Pantone 14-1323 Salmon, Pantone 14-4620 Island Paradise, Pantone 16-340 Brandied Melon, and Pantone 19-6050 Eden.

Summer 2018 Pantone Colors

Together, these breathtaking hues combine to create the Colors of Carlsbad palette. From the coastal blue to the natural greenery and the sunset shades, you can already picture the gorgeous scenery of the destination – and may even be booking your summer getaway there.

“In Carlsbad, our culture is rooted in creative expression,” Visit Carlsbad’s Sam Ross said in a statement. “Beyond our natural features, Carlsbad is home to a bustling local art scene, groundbreaking restaurants and breweries, a heritage of adventure and action sports, and a Southern Californian approach to wellness. Now more than ever, our visitors are interested in not only partaking in these unique experiences but sharing them with their followers near and far.”

Keep in mind, if you ‘gram any of these colors in the coming months, they may subconsciously leave a huge impression on your followers.

“Inspirational travel photos on social media platforms such as Instagram play a huge role in how consumers are selecting their next destination,” HireInfluencer’s Stephanie Stabulis, the main director of the study, shared in a press release. “Color and quality can generate impressive organic reach and engagement for these photos and help generate that ‘must visit’ feeling in social audiences. Through this study, we can analyze the colors that are the most appealing, trendy and engaging to millennial travelers, who are constantly in search of the best and most vibrant travel destinations for their social media feeds.”

Isn’t that the case?

Click through the aesthetically pleasing gallery below to see the Summer 2018 Pantone colors in action.

Hover over each image to see color names. Click on individual tiles to expand imagery.

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