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8 Trendy Ways To Pull Off Stylish Leggings

Everyone is wearing them and with good reason. You can slip them on for a trip to the gym, a day out shopping, and even some professional environments. Sure, they don’t have the finest reputation in the haute couture community, but when accessorized properly these athletic items can cause quite a stir. What is this versatile piece of fashion you’re raving to you about? It’s none other than athleisure leggings, those slimming tights you see every fitness fanatic and their besties wearing about town. Now, we must warn you, slipping these on with the wrong ensemble can go terribly wrong. There’s not much tolerance for leggings with prints outside of the Pilates studio and unless it’s casual Friday, it would be wise to keep this sleek apparel away from your corporate office. To help you navigate this labyrinth of casual fashion, here are some perfect leggings looks that won’t let you down.

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Tie a denim jacket around your waist and you’ve got the beginnings of an excellent leggings look. Top it off with a simple tee and slip on some sneakers for a touristy vibe that doesn’t scream “Foreigner!”

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When you’ve got a pair of black leggings on, it doesn’t take much to pretty things up. Even a casual tank top will look haute couture if you throw on a decorative duster and wide-brim hat for kicks.

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Cropped sweatshirts and big aviators immediately have us thinking back to the wonderful days when Tommy Hilfiger was super hip. Finish things off with a trendy contemporary bag and your leggings look will be on fleek.

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The sunglasses and leather jacket vibe is back in business. This look is especially good if you want to look like an off-duty model. Turn up the heat and show some skin. Your trips to the gym can be super sexy if you try.

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This is your shopping outfit, the way to turn leggings into an outfit for your high-end escapades. We’re talking about the windswept scarf and those heavy, glistening earrings. Look comfortably luxe for the airport, and once you arrive, explore in something simpler.

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Thanks to athleisure, you can head straight to the coffee shop for mocha with friends after your afternoon workout. A chic parka and designer handbag are all you need to boost your gym outfit to the next level.

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Liquid leggings are those tights with a little extra gloss mixed in. They can be terribly distracting if the sun is shining bright, but in fall it’s a nice slimming way to brighten up dreary days with a little shimmering magic.

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You can go a bit wild with your color choices when it comes to leggings, but don’t stretch this freedom too far. Eccentric prints and multi-colored tights are still a no-no. Settle for solid neon shades and remember this important athleisure commandment. Either your top or bottoms must be black. No neon on neon on neon. That’s just too much.

Leggings will be a part of fall fashion this year, so you might as well get used to them. Time to pick how you’ll turn gym attire into street style. Seems those sexy gym tights might come in handy after all.


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