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9 Kids You Should Follow on Instagram

If you think microfashion is one of the cutest things ever, get excited. There’s a brand new trend sweeping the internet and its focus is the adorable outfits and hairstyles of fashion-savvy kids. Where are all the future generations of fashionistas congregating in 2017? Like dozens of other fashion designers, beauty gurus, and hairstylists, they’re hurrying over to Instagram to show the world how awesome their fashion sense is. Granted, since most of these kids are pre-teens and tots, they don’t always dress themselves. Microfashion is a combination of what kids like to wear and what their parents pick to match with those statement pieces. Despite the roundabout process used to fill out their wardrobes, these children still end up better dressed than many adults. If you’re struggling to infuse your wardrobe with youthful energy, it’s time to turn your head from big-time runways to these adorable Instagram feeds.

HAILEIGH @hails_world

Queen of prints, blouses, and glamorous furs, seven-year-old Haileigh is everything you could want in a mini-fashionista. Her Instagram is full of boutique outfits that make the most of girly frills and show off her bouncy, blown-out curls. If you need a casual chic guide for the summer, she’ll make the perfect social media companion.

ALONSO @luisafere

This fashionable kid shares the spotlight with mom when it comes to social media. A product of the Southwest, he’s got every southern look down from Western chic to Mexican couture. With an art aficionado as his mother, Alonso also ends up meeting some pretty spectacular people. See if you can find the shot of him matching swag with Brad Pitt.

RYLEE @kelli_murray

Atmospheric to a fault, the orangey-tinted pastel filter permeating this Instagram feed adorably niche. The California-based Murray family is too. Their portraits are awash with flowing maxi dresses, wide-brimmed sun hats, light-wash jeans, and off-the-shoulder blouses. Then there’s Rylee, a vintage, hipster cherub who’s simply too cute to resist. Definitely a must-follow.

KYAN @jetaimekyan

It’s a private account to ward of spam, but once in, you’re privy to one of microfashion’s finest male models. This is Canadian chic with a warm weather twist. You’ll find Kyan sporting everything from little Timberland boots to straw hats all while keeping his adorable shy smile. This is the perfect feed for any guy who needs to up his cute factor.

STELLA @lindseybelle

A playful beach girl with a penchant for patterns, Stella brings sunshine and cheer into any room with her colorful outfits. Her facial expressions are priceless and the designs she chooses are refreshingly unique. Some of our personal favorites are her scattered banana blouse and lipstick pout-covered sweatshirt. Imitate her and try some playful couture this summer.

RYKER. GREY, AND WYATT @ministylehacker

If the Kennedy boys were modern-day tots á la Ryan Gosling, they’d be these three adorable brothers. Better dressed at five than most men ever are, they are a lesson in men’s fashion. If you have a question about anything from designer jeans to fedoras, this trio probably has the answer.

ELLE @babyellestyle

With an unbeatable smile and acute sense for stylish handbags, Elle is the girl to look to if you’re struggling to match accessories with your wardrobe. Whether it’s a teddy bear, ukulele, or purse, she knows how to tie everything in with an air of class rare for fashionistas her age. Posting slogans like “Less hustling, more cuddling” doesn’t hurt her popularity either.

GABBY @miss_gabby_13

While most kids in the microfashion community focus on their wardrobe, Gabby makes hair the focus of her style aesthetic. Whether she’s hiding her tresses under one of her favorite couture baseball caps or letting it lose in ornate pigtails, she’s a great example of how to use your hair effectively as a statement piece.

GAVIN @gavster_07

The newbie of the group, Gavin made a name for himself on his mom’s Instagram and just recently switched over to his own account. There’s not much to see yet, but you can count on him to bring his A-game in the months to come. Keep an eye out, gents!

Stylish kids are a perfect blend of adorable and trendy. They may not always pick their own outfits, but you can learn a lot about what to wear by wearing the right things. In 15 or 20 years, all this microfashion may well turn into macro style success.


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