stylish celebrity honeymoons

9 Stylish Celebrity Honeymoons You Should Imitate

Dressing fashionably is one of the last things most people think about when anticipating their honeymoon, but that hasn’t stopped dozens of iconic celebrities from hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to fashionable honeymooning. Most of the couples were just super stylish to begin with so their wardrobes were naturally made up of trendy clothes for their respective decade. Other weren’t necessarily acute fashionistas, but they made up for a lack of fashion sense with coordinated outfits that charmed the paparazzi and their fans watching on the sidelines. Whichever way these celebrities work their style magic, it left a distinct mark. Today, fashion-savvy couples who do their research adopt these tried-and-true wardrobes to make their week of newlywed bliss a haute couture affair. If you have similar dreams for your post-wedding getaway, here are some popular couples you should aspire to dress like.

princess diana
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It may not have been the finest hour for the stylish Princess Diana, but her dalliance into casual Scottish fashion is still worth remembering. It was particularly endearing paired with Prince Charles’s traditional plaid kilt.

liza minelli
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Pixie cut and short shorts boldly out for all to see, Minelli was an image of modern beauty during her Floridian honeymoon with Australian singer Peter Allen. He was known for being a fashionable guy, so you can only imagine how classy their wardrobe as a couple must have been.

elizabeth taylor
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No list of stylish celebrity honeymooners can avoid mentioning the extravagant Liz Taylor. Married eight times during her career, each wedding was a lesson in fashion and decadence. Our favorite look is one of her simplest. A shiny black one piece to go with third husband Mike Todd’s white swim trunks.

stylish celebrity honeymoons
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Decked out in a flowing white dress with tastefully selected jewelry, Princess Caroline of Monaco was an angelic sight on her first honeymoon. Once again, simple wins out over vibrant and overdone. Philippe is similarly casual in a striped polo shirt. It doesn’t take designer fashion to look good and feel comfortable.

vintage fashion
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These two knew how to pull off matching outfits without embarrassment. The adorable qualities of their choices always outweighed any awkwardness that came from them being grown adults. If you and your partner enjoy a good laugh, get matching outfits. You’re never too old to have a fun honeymoon.

marilyn monroe
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Even if you’re spending your honeymoon in a domestic setting you can dress things up a bit. Just look at Marilyn Monroe in her heels and covered with a silk head scarf. Honeymoons aren’t as much about dressing well as they are dressing nicely. Pack clothes you feel comfortable in that also acknowledge the special occasion for your trip. It’s nice to dress up more than usual for your special first week as a married couple.

paul newman
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If you’re taking to the skies or heading off on a road trip to celebrate new matrimony, bring some stylish coats. No matter what you’re traveling in underneath, a well-kept trench coat or groomed fur will elevate your travel wardrobe to the next level.

brigette bardot
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Brigitte Bardot is famous for modeling and wearing swimsuits, but when it came to her honeymoon with charmer Jacques Charrier it was all about hair. Don’t experiment with new hair looks on your big post-wedding trip. Pick the style you like best and wear it with pride.

natalie wood
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This example is very vintage, but we couldn’t resist. Maybe it’s the smile on Robert Wagner’s face or Natalie Wood’s petite Jackie Kennedy fashion. Whatever it is, sweep your partner off their feet on your way to that honeymoon destination. Chivalry and affection never go out of style.

You shouldn’t be obsessing about fashion while trying to plan a honeymoon, but if you need a break from the nitty-gritty details it can be nice to daydream. Maybe try and pick one of these famous couples to imitate. Let’s be honest, you’re going to be on your honeymoon, but a true fashionista never lets a style opportunity pass them by.



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