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See How Body Boost Works To Prevent Workout-Related Stretch Marks

We adore the sentiment behind the #selflovemovement created by Sara Shakeel, the artist behind turning stretch marks into glittery works of art. Self-love is important, and we should all love ourselves no matter what shape, size, color, beauty marks, and “imperfections” that we may have. But sometimes, what we may think is an imperfection is really just a part of who we are, what we are, and our journey along the road. Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of: they can be caused by any natural body fluctuation. They are paths that show us what our bodies have gone through and create beautiful stories of our transformations.

Some of us develop these marks at a young age. They can be hereditary, from working out, fluctuation in weight, and can appear in both men and women. Stretch marks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color, lengths, and thickness.  Even if stretch marks carry a story behind them, some of us may still want to reduce the appearance of them. Although they are nothing to be ashamed of, there are ways to reduce the appearance of them – or work to prevent them with a little foresight. Richard Magazine has sought out some of the best products to not only help women reduce their stretch marks but for men too!

Guys that’ve been hitting the gym extra hard lately may find that your skin is stretching faster than your body can keep up because of all those “gains” from your muscles. Body Boost has formulated a special cream for men that combats skin damage, and stressed out skin. By applying the Body Boost Turbo Stretch Mark Treatment to the skin, after your workout, the ingredients will work together to build collagen and elastin fibers so that your skin can recover, repair, look healthier, and more toned.

How do these ingredients work? Well some of the ingredients include Regestril, a powerful blend of peptides and extracts that help prevent and reduce stretch marks by slowing down degradation and enhancing regeneration of the collagen. Another ingredient that is commonly known is Green Tea, which is used as an anti-inflammatory to eradicate the inflammation that causes the creation of stretch marks. Blue Algae is also used as a source of amino acids, proteins, Vitamins A, B, and C that nourish and replenish the skin. While Grape Seed Oil, is high in Vitamin E, and C, Omega 6 and 9, that help repair damaged and stressed out tissues, and supports the structure of the nerve cells.

Just as men’s stretch marks reveal their fitness journey, so do women’s. Women not only showcase their fitness journey through their stretch marks but also their life changing moments such as pregnancy. Although glitter is a great way to keep you from frowning upon your stretch marks, so do the memories they carry, and the products by Body Boost of course. They key to getting rid of these so called imperfections is to feed the skin the nutrients it needs to maintain strength and elasticity. Body Boost has curated a few products for women, to aid in stretch marks, dry skin, and damaged skin. The line includes Stretch Mark Butter, Stretch Mark Oil, Raw Sugar Scrub, and Clarifying Face Wash. The ingredients in these products help strengthen collagen and elasticity fibers to prevent stretch marks from happening and to help reduce the ones that are already present.

Some of the ingredients used to rescue your skin include: Sunflower Oil, which is rich in fatty acids and vitamins that help the skin retain its moisture and strength. It also helps form a protective barrier on the skin while preventing environmental damage and repairing it. This is a must for stretch marks and scars. Another ingredient, commonly known for cooking is Sesame Oil, that has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes stressed out  skin to improve scars, stretch marks, and tone while nourishing and softening the skin. Lastly, one of our favorites, Coconut Oil, which provides nourishment and protection as it softens the skin by keeping tissues strong and supple. It is also a natural exfoliant for the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

With a little dedication, time, and the use of products like Body Boost, you’ll be able to say hello to younger, softer, and healthier skin!

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