7 Strange and Wonderfully Unique Tacos

Welcome to a lesson in unique tacos. We have a day dedicated to the consumption of tacos (National Taco Day is October 4th). There are niche taco joints all over the place featuring their own take on this Mexican classic. If you can imagine it, you can bet it’s been stuffed into a taco by somebody at some point in time. If you’re the daring type, trying out new combinations might be just your style. Spaghetti tacos anyone? (More on this later.) For the less adventurous, a few tried and true recipes of unique tacos can introduce you to the possibilities of this delicious street food. Are you ready for some wild concoctions? Here are seven of my favorite unique tacos to try out.

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Tacos don’t have to be savory. Many foodies turn to crepes when they want a wrapped up fruity treat, but mixing up a nice sweet dish of soft tacos can work just as well. Try filling yours with mango and a bit of vanilla ice cream. Fry the tacos in coconut oil if you want an extra crunch. Add chorizo to spice things up.

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Individually, you can imagine each of these flavors in a taco. Think of how mouth-watering they must be all at once! This isn’t just a conglomeration of three ingredients inside a crispy corn shell, though. There’s a secret to getting the combination right. Coat the shrimp in coconut and roast or fry them first. Then, let this coconut-encrusted shellfish rest at the bottom of your taco, topped with lime and mango salsa. Sweet and savory. Yum!

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Yea, it’s weird. But hear us out. Pop culture permeates everything, even our tacos. When the Nickelodeon series “iCarly” wrote these pasta-stuffed tacos into an episode it seemed like a foolish gag. Now, it’s grown into a phenomenon. Especially popular with kids, this meal is basically Spaghetti Bolognese plopped into a taco shell. It’s the cuisine equivalent of a Mexican-Italian treaty. To quote another adolescent star, “it’s the best of both worlds.”

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Richard Magazine is no stranger to the chili-chocolate combination. It’s one of our favorite fall flavors. I bet you didn’t think I would put this combination on the taco list, though! For these unique tacos, a little cocoa powder in your spicy chili will tie it in with the corn shells. I highly recommend this meal for the fall. It’s warm, different, and delicious. Add some tomatoes and a few sliced carrots for a healthy crunch. This is an excellent first date meal. Remember, chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

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It has a similar flavors to potato pancakes, so why not? Potatoes and tacos are both starchy foods, so this little meal will keep you full for a while. Accent the simple flavor of potatoes with peppers and cherry tomatoes. Radishes, the potato’s slightly spicier cousin, will give the meal an slight kick. If you’re serious about tasty satisfying tacos, look no further than potato tacos.

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If you like classic Americana food then hold the bread on your bacon, lettuce, and tomato and stuff the trio into a taco shell instead. If your taco looks empty, you can give the three ingredients a boost with avocado, blue cheese, and buffalo sauce. Remember the Dagwood sandwich? Every ingredient in the kitchen piled onto a piece of bread? This isn’t that extreme, but the idea is similar. Use the BLT as a canvas for all the foods you’d like to try in your unique tacos.

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There is a trend in the art of taco-making that fuses Asian influence with classic Tex-Mex dining. In fact, it’s so popular to see Eastern foods wrapped in a soft taco it’s almost no longer unique. Red onion escabeche, curry satay, and peanut butter topping off carnitas on a taco still catch my eye, though. The combination was made popular by chef Joe Kim in Los Angeles. Sweet, nutty, and full of pork, this strange combination actually works. Give it a try if you’re tired of the same old, same old.

There they are, folks. Seven unique tacos to spice up your next Taco Tuesday. But don’t wait if your stomach is growling. Any day can be a taco day!


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