Stevie Boi Pink

See an Exclusive Preview of the Stevie Boi Pink Collection

Stevie Boi is a fashion and eyewear designer who knows how to use color to tell a story. The artist behind SB Shades is now previewing the “PINK” By Stevie Boi, a “collection that embodies culture, relaxation, and spontaneity… created to be able to touch on the different aspects of fashion but in a playful way.” Richard Magazine recently caught up with the designer to hear all about this upcoming release. Plus, we’re exclusively debuting the first photo shoot images of the new Pink designs. Check it all out below!

Can you tell us the story behind Pink, and why you chose this color and concept for your latest work?

Pink is something different. I actually do not like super bright colors. But I wanted to challenge myself with something different. My last collection “NOIR” was all black and very me. But I wanted to be able to create a collection that had meaning and also a youthful feel to it. Pink is very fun and actually needed in this time.

How do you feel these photo shoot images help tell your story?

These images show how fun Pink is. I want everything for the Pink collection to be exciting and have a positive feel. It was eventually going to be a high end resort collection but I felt the need to make it shocking in order to get people interested.

Where do you usually find the most inspiration for your designs?

All of my inspiration happens out of no where. I was in Sweden and the Bahamas 5 months ago and something just said, “do something shocking.” I came back home and picked up Pink fabric and started sewing random pieces.
That’s how I knew I was going to do something unique and different for 2018.

Who is the dream wearer of the pieces in this collection?

I would love to get Ciara in something from Pink. Also legends like Cyndi Lauper.

Can you tell us some behind-the-scenes details about the making of the garments in this collection?

When I started playing around with fabric. I realized I was doing the same patterns I’ve done before. So I took the risk of cutting fabrics without patterns and free styling. A lot of my collection designs are completely unique because they aren’t repetitive designs. This collection has the most unique and crazy shapes I have ever done.

What’s something you are looking forward to in your career for 2018?

I am ready for 2018. Because I have so much in store. I am releasing a movie and staring on a few Reality TV Shows. It will be very different from the previous years as being Stevie Boi. Also I am happy to take Pink on tour to over 20 different places.

Photographer: Michael Antonio @MichaelAntonio_Now
Hair: Briana Roberson @brianaroberson_
Model/Makeup/Designs: Stevie Boi @SBshades
Creative Director: Naomi Coleman @IamNkc
Photo location: Ther Bernic NYC


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