Stella McCartney Peony

Stella McCartney Is Relaunching the Peony Fragrance

To try the Stella McCartney Peony fragrance is to love it. Which is why we are extra excited that the floral scent is getting a new makeover for 2018. The designer is revamping the perfume – which fuses notes of pepper and amber with the dominant peony – and has an high-fashion new advertorial campaign to go along with it.

Stella In To Peony first launched in 2006, while 2017 brought the first Stella Peony. Now it’s time for something new. For the latest campaign, Stella brought her sister Mary McCartney on as photographer, while longtime friend and model Arizona Muse is the face of the images. This close-knit relation between the subject and the designer made for a beautiful water-themed photo shoot – and a deep understanding of where the brand is headed.

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“My friendship with Stella has evolved quite a lot because I’ve lived in London for five years now, I see Stella quite a bit more than I see American designers. She stays in the same spot and I tend to move around. It’s amazing working with her,” Arizona shared. “Everything her brand does for sustainability, the environment, animal welfare and human welfare, I’m so proud of her. I’m blown away. She’s been the pioneering luxury brand to take the responsibility in her own hands and say I’m going to do it and not wait for regulations to come in 10 years. She didn’t wait around, which is so cool. And her sister (Mary McCartney), who shot this campaign, is equally as fun. They are a wonderful family.”

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Arizona also gave us a beautiful description of what we can expect from the scent. “I love the smell. It’s fresh and deep,” she shared. “I love it. It’s like a crisp garden. I love the packaging too. I think it smells like this color. If this coral could smell like something, it would smell like what’s inside this bottle.”

We can’t wait to give it a test drive!

The newly-revamped Stella McCartney Peony fragrance will officially launch in January 2018.

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