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Get Excited About Stefani x Revlon

When Gwen Stefani was named the new Global Ambassador of Revlon last January, some interesting facts came to light. It turns out there’s more to the famous singer’s beauty expertise than meets the eye. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Revlon has a history of selecting interesting and diverse celebrities to market their colorful products. In the past, Hollywood goddess Halle Berry and on-screen siren Olivia Wilde have both been spokespeople for the famous brand. Revlon has also invited singer-songwriter Ciara into model many of their products. Clearly, Gwen is joining while a line-up of women as the newest member of Revlon’s international team. Despite her status as a company newbie, the secret skills tucked away in this singer’s fashion and beauty arsenal are tough to match in the celebrity world. Here are some fun facts about Stefani that make her a perfect choice to be Revlon’s next celebrity representative.

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Gwen has always been a bit of a siren when it comes to vibrant makeup colors. She can rock traditional red or get broody with some ebony or ruby. She looks good in other colors too, like emerald green and deep yellowish-brown. Anything Revlon has her try is going to pop against that soft, fair skin.

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It’s true. Well-proportioned hands make a difference when it comes modeling nail polish or extensions. Gwen not only has some good fingers and nails to show of product, she’s done it before. With those experiences under her belt, there’s no doubt she’ll master any campaign Revlon throws her way.

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Gwen’s cat eye is the most retro among all celebrities these days. Maybe it’s her love for classic beauty, but it could also be her Marilyn Monroe-like platinum hair and ruddy lips. Whatever it is, the glam factor is always amped up when Gwen is on the scene. With star power like Berry working for them, Revlon needs a celebrity who can measure up and continue their dynamic legacy. Stefani’s got the presence and skills to do that.

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Before her collab with Revlon, Gwen released an extensive makeup collection with Urban Decay. Basically, she knows what she’s doing. Hopefully, after a few outings with Revlon, she can start bringing her artistic, minimalist touch to the brand’s products as well as their billboards.


There’s no denying the Monroe undertones in this video Revlon used to announce Gwen joining the company. Everything from the makeup to the poses reminds us of Marilyn in all the best ways. Yet, the thing that stands out most from this little clip is Stefani’s charming personality. She won’t just be a sexy poster girl, she’ll draw people in with that enjoyable laugh.

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Before her singing career took off, Gwen was a makeup artist at The Broadway. She has experience sitting at the counter and helping customers test out different products as they shopped. This experience allowed her to see first-hand how people respond to makeup. Customer service gets a bad rap, but in this situation, it was worth it. Thanks to those early days, Stefani is probably the most qualified celeb ambassador Revlon has hired to date.

The Revlon x Stefani partnership seems destined for great things. With a successful campaign under the belt now, the team is getting ready for a fall full of surprises. Keep your eyes peeled for their next line of trendy products. It’s sure to be epic!


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