spring lipstick trends

Spring Lipstick Trends To Brighten Your Chops

In the past few decades, lipstick has expanded its artistic scope in the beauty world. What began as a universal ruddy red lip product is now available in hundreds of different colors and finishes. Thanks to this new diversity, lip color is now an item on the ever-changing wheel of seasonal beauty looks. Starting out with simple light reds for summer and darker shades in winter, today’s spring lipstick trends run the gamut from classic, bold scarlet to flesh-toned peach and soft baby blue. There are muted matte finishes you can match with your outfit and shimmering glosses to pair up with jewelry and the occasional dash of glitter. In fact, 2017 might be one of the wildest years to date when it comes to lipstick. To keep you looking acceptably daring and kissable, here are the finest lip colors hitting the market this spring.

spring lipstick trends
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Deeper and slightly more bluish than scarlet, crimson is a somber red that still boasts a pop. It’s the perfect shade for a poolside party and will work easily for both casual and formal events. Given its deep color and matte finish, crimson blends a little better than scarlet. Take advantage of this trend and find ways you can match your lips with an outfit. Red is going to be a big player in 2017 fall fashion, so why not give it a test run this spring?

orange lipstick
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If you prefer something more daring than the typical red lipstick, give orange lips a try this season. Orange functions a lot like red when it comes to beauty. You can use it to highlight the yellow in your outfit or dab some on for a bold lipstick color that looks a little unique. As spring lipstick trends go, orange is an excellent shade to keep with you through the summer. There’s something glamorous and Miami-esque about its personality.

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Holographic lip gloss was all the rage earlier this year. Rihanna x Fendi had just joined the craze and hologram purses were showing up everywhere. This holographic fad has calmed a bit as we approach the summertime and is about to be replaced with some silvery gloss that adds a similar effect to any shade you’re wearing. Make this your finishing touch of choice for evening parties and situations where you want to impress.

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Before you recoil at this unexpected sight, take a minute to let it sink in. If you’re looking for some brave lip color that will transform your routine makeup, this is it. It’s more badass than you think and clearly baby blue will make a statement no matter what skin tone you are. Think of it like a metallic silver with more character. Spring lipstick trends are meant to be compelling, not same old, same old!

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Bright and wild as some of 2017’s spring lipstick trends are, the value of a subtle lip shade is not lost on the beauty world. Neutral flesh tones are still around and they can make you look great. One of the most popular colors this season is Chestnut Rose. It has a hint of pink to stand out against your skin while maintaining all the peachy ambiguity of a proper nude lipstick. Pretty perfect for the naturalist buried in all of us.

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These three colors based around red come together in the ultimate voluptuous shade of spring lipstick trends. Dozens of brands are experimenting with this look. Since each label balances the three hues a little differently in their mixture, you have a lot of different options to choose from. Enjoy your freedom and pucker up for the summer.

Spring lipstick trends come in all colors and textures. With so many choices to pick from, there’s sure to be a few that a perfect for you. Flesh out that makeup drawer this summer and get trendy with those ruddy, fresh lips.


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