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Shoot For The Stars With These Strange Space-Inspired Accessories

Blame a past era for 2017’s space-inspired accessories trend if you have to. Pin it on the metallic-obsessed 70s or the Challenger-afflicted 80s. You could even rebuke the shiny 90s renaissance, though we all know neon tops and sleek leather trousers come from rave culture rather than some reverence for NASA. Regardless of where you point your finger, the simple fact is that accessories modeled after spaceships and glistening orbs are back in the full moonlight. Basically, we’ve become fascinated by celestial objects again and contemporary fashion is, as it always seems to do, reflecting our curiosity back at us. So leave the skepticism behind this fall and give in to a little starstruck couture. Here are some excellent additions guaranteed to help you stand out and shine amidst the approaching late summer influx of black and silver outfits.

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Ornately curved to evoke rockstar angel wings from the 70s, these simplistic earrings are minimalist to the core. If you want unimposing, modern jewelry, this pair of Jennifer Fisher’s is the answer.

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Silver pumps are nothing to snuff at. These may not be quite Cinderella quality, but for a modern ball, they’re right on point. Don’t miss this opportunity to translate 70s futurism into something truly relevant.

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Chanel tackled space-inspired handbags head-on with this sturdy black clutch. Featuring a thin, gold orbital ring edged with a metallic rainbow sheen, it’s a purse that really makes the future look bright.

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Other footwear has been more decorative than this ebony design, but few can top a YSL heel and polished patent leather. Just another clear example of why the fashion world reveres Laurent so much.

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Proenza Schouler is famous for her iconic high fashion crossbodies. This sheer model is no exception. Built almost identically like its leather counterparts, it will make a classy top-handle bag for your 2017 collection.


Made up of glistening crescent moons and sharp-edged stars, these earrings from Colette allude to the mythical nature of nighttime. They’ll go nicely with a silvery black dress and sparkly stilettos.

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Peeled away at the top to create what would best be described as an ankle collar, these sexy stilettos from Calvin Klein turn up the heat surrounding futuristic fashion. If you can find this model made in leather, that’s even better.

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Rarely do straps make a fashion list. Usually, all anyone cares about is the bag at the end. Odds are Dior didn’t set out to create a handbag strap that could survive on its own either, but this strip of embossed fabric charting our solar system soared above its partner bag nonetheless.

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Robotic with a taste of the Flapper style from the Jazz Age, this metallic accessory is one you’d be hard-pressed to go wrong with. It will work for formal dinners, semi-formal parties, and casual trips into town. Perhaps space-inspired fashion is more versatile than you think.

Accessories that leave you starstruck are rare, but starstruck accessories are back in the game. Your task as a responsible fashionista is the find the starstruck accessory that leaves you starstruck. That’s a lot of star power right there, but once you find your perfect blend, everyone will finally get to see you glisten.


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