9 Sofia Richie Fashion Looks You Should Try ASAP

Sofia Richie is making a name for herself in the fashion world. Since her little romance with Justin Bieber, she’s been quite busy modeling on the runway, attending Paris Fashion Week, and making the cover of Popular magazine. Normally, a slew of escapades like that wouldn’t be worthy of note. Maybe she simply had a bout of popularity and decided to capitalize on it in Paris with big name fashionistas. The thing about Richie is that she has an excellent example to follow in her sister Nicole and her wardrobe has been evolving in strides since early this year. After a favorable debut on the runway, Sofia is ready to take on the world of popular fashion by storm. Here are some of her most memorable outfits so far. Maybe you’ll find some millennial treasure that strikes your fancy among these trendy get-ups.

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Blending shades of black and dark blue is surprisingly uncommon practice, but it works like a charm. We’re so proud of Richie for matching that navy duster with her black pants and straightened ebony hair. True signs of a future fashion queen right there.

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Sofia Richie isn’t just a master at blending color schemes. She can also mix and match styles to sophisticated effect. Just look at that undergarment with a sweatshirtesque zipper. Rarely do you see athleisure integrated into a professional outfit this well.

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Doing up your hair like Daenerys is quickly becoming the wintry beauty trend of choice and with winter coming, you may want to consider a bleached blonde makeover. Try a velour jacket and skirt combo with the vibrant hair for a look that will really stand out this fall.

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Sofia Richie fashion has a unique aesthetic to it. She dresses like an eager young fashionista but has the presence of an experienced professional. You can see the blend of youth and age in her posture as she wears this coat. Clearly, there’s more to the model than meets the eye.

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When you’re strutting through the streets this fall, a heavy coat is a wise choice. Sofia Richie take the look one step further by combining her naturally colored second layer with rustic, dark-shaded stripes. When you can, copy the color palette around you.

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Who doesn’t like boho chic? Using ornate jewelry and a tasseled over-the-shoulder bag, Sofia Richie is making the bohemian lifestyle fashionable again. We’re especially fans of those big dark sunglasses. It’s the bigger the better when it comes to 2017 shades.

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Gray hair is totally in this year thanks to exploratory gals like Richie. Notice how she enhances her hair color by matching it with the trim on her black coat. When someone can pair their hair with their coat to this level of expertise, you need to take notice.

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Gaping holes in the knees of your jeans are cool again. We’re back to loving the tattered look like it’s trendier to wear worn-out clothes than have a well-kept wardrobe. Don’t throw away all your good-looking jeans, though. Even Sofia Richie only ripped up a few.

It’s been a quite rise for Sofia Richie fashion, but the girl’s trendy outfits are finally emerging to make their mark. Adjust your fashion radar and look to her for guidance. She’s the one who will help you revamp your wardrobe as summer turns to fall.


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