SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana

Decorative Kitchen Appliances By SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana

After a fashion show applauded for its effective millennial appeal, Dolce & Gabbana are venturing into another new field to exercise their expanding creativity. This time, the brand’s audience will chefs and homemakers with a bent toward vibrantly patterned appliances. That’s right. After decades building up their reputations as a fashion-forward clothing brand, D&G are breaking the mold to adorn some contemporary machinery that will refine your home-cooked meals and add a surprise splash of color to your home. These new appliances are the result of a partnership with Italian home appliance company SMEG. Centered around a playful theme entitled “Sicily Is My Love,” each machine will boast many folkloric symbols like lemons, acanthus leaves, and simple florals. If you need some extra spice around the house, consider one of these hand-painted appliances. They’re sure to get you in the mood for cooking and entertain you as you bake.

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With detailed rotation settings and an easily detachable jug at the top, this D&G x SMEG blender has everything you could want in a simple appliance. It’s also covered in brightly painted artistry against a bright, golden yellow base. The central mural is a small volcanic mountain oozing with lava, perhaps a metaphor for the powerful mixing powers of this tool. If you’re tired of metallic, monochrome blenders, this is your ticket to a more vibrant aesthetic.

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Not everything in Dolce & Gabbana’s kitchenware collection goes against the popular 21st-century metallic kitchen. Their mixer blends both sheer metal and colorful decadence. The pattern theme here is floral, featuring borders adorned with soft circular petals and more dandelion-like blossoms. Unlike the blender, this D&G x SMEG mixer doesn’t have one focal base color. Instead, it uses various hues in sections to create a patchwork effect.

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There’s a subtle charm to decorating your juicer with vibrant shades of yellow, red, and blue. It feels appropriately festive. Dolce & Gabbana carry this idea even further with circular paintings of lemons and other fruits around the bottom edge. This eye-popping design also features a winding red, white, and blue ribbon pattern that evokes a 4th of July celebration. Maybe you should hop online and buy it quick before Tuesday!

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SMEG makes some of the finest vintage toasters on the market. For their 2017 collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, the appliance company repurposed their ruby red design as a Dutch collage covered in murals of bluebirds, sliced apples, pheasants, and sailing boats. I think this design is well on its way to becoming an industry classic. There’s something about how the build of the machine matches up with its exterior artwork that makes the whole thing feel natural and unobtrusive.

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The only piece in this collection to feature a dove white base coat, this collaborative effort really brings out the Dutch elements in D&G x SMEG’s kitchen appliance designs. Thanks to the delicate light coloring, this kettle could almost be mistaken for a ceramic pot sans the metallic spout and handle. If you set it down beside the cookie jar, make sure to look twice lest you accidentally plunge your hand into scalding hot water.

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Bordered with florals and featuring a big round mural of a horse-drawn cart on the side, this is an espresso machine build to rival popular brands such as the Keurig. It may not be as practical, but what you lose in functionality you gain in shimmering artistry. Like the mixer, it balances newer metallic sheen with an older aesthetic popular on sculpted friezes in vintage Europe. Talk about a coffee maker that entertains.

Together, Dolce & Gabbana and SMEG are changing the kitchen appliance game. After years of simple metals populating your home countertop, it’s finally time to make a change. Add one or two of these painted machines for zest you’re sure not to regret.


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