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The Smart Sports Bra Just Became Summer’s Biggest Must-Have

The smart sports bra is becoming a surprisingly big player in the wearable technology world. It seems developers and designers get a kick out of infusing the simplest items with some of the coolest technology. Few people would have dreamed up smart socks, but these new anti-bacterial pedometer-powered products are some of fashion tech’s most interesting new items. This week, the sports bra is the tech fashion everyone is talking about. There are two new versions of the sports bra making waves on social media and esteemed fashion publications. One channels new athletic technology and the recent rise of fashion AI. The other has the potential to detect the early signs of cancer. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Smart sports bras just became one of 2017’s most revolutionary fashion staples.

smart sports bra
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If you aren’t careful, you could purchase this smart sports bra without the technological accessories. While the actual piece of clothing is very comfortable, it takes an additional purchase to power up its fashion tech side. It’s a Sup Reactor module that connects you to your smartphone and other tech devices. This computerized patch sticks right onto the bra fabric. The tech attachments for this Super Powered Sports Bra come with plenty of personality. Rather than sticking boring gray patches all over your trendy athletic wear, you’re adding big neon lettering in gaudy colors. Once you’ve got this colorful system on, tracking your workouts is a piece of cake. The system will monitor your heartrate and blood pressure, then transfer all information to a Supa-AI app where you can use it to adjust your routine.

fashion that detects cancer
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No smart sports bra that can chart your fitness program will beat a bra that could literally save your life. Everything about this smart sports bra is inspiring. From its teenage inventor to the young product’s legacy even at this early stage, you can expect to see a lot of these products very soon. The detection technology is relatively simple. This smart sports bra utilizes 200 biosensors to monitor changes in body temperature and breast shape. Using these measurements, it can build a profile to easily detect abnormalities and early signs of the deadly illness. You don’t need to wear this bra for long to reap its benefits. All it takes is an hour of analysis one a week to keep on top of your health. With the simple prototype already saving lives, this product will make a huge splash with its official debut in a few months.

sports bra
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When fashion technology first started trending, it was all about instant gratification and spectacle. Social media was revealing so many intimate details about the mythical high-end fashion world all most people would focus on were the latest trends and unlimited access. That’s still a big part of the fashion world today, but gradually developers and designers are learning to make technology a tool for effective good. Steering away from the big and grandiose, inventions like the smart sports bra demonstrate how fashion tech can improve quality of life. Instant access can apply to life-changing health information, not just fashion runways and ready-to-wear collections. A bra that can detect cancer proves fashion technology can be used as a preventative measure to catch illnesses early on. This idea could inspire a whole slew of new products designed to ward off sickness through efficient clothing.

Whether you’re checking for cancer or monitoring your heartrate, the smart sports bra is a rare breed of wearable technology that strikes at the heart of health and wellness. These clothes are far from expensive, but unlike most outfits, what they have to offer is priceless. They deserve a special spot in your wardrobe.


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