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Sinful Colors Launches First Cosmetics Collection with Vanessa Hudgens

If you love Sinful Colors’ popular nail polish colors, you’re in for a real treat! The brand has officially launched their first-ever cosmetics collection. Actress Vanessa Hudgens has been tapped to be the celebrity face of the collection, and she unveiled the exciting line of affordable makeup products herself.

“So excited to announce that I am a #SinfulColors Global Color Creator! My Preview Color Cosmetics Collection is available NOW Exclusively on @Amazon @sinfulcolors_official,” Vanessa shared on Instagram, sharing that she also helped collaborate on the product creation itself.

“SinfulColors always has the best [nail] colors, is well-packaged, pigmented and just a really great nail line. I’ve always been a fan,” the star said. “I love expressing myself through makeup and now I get to collaborate with them and bring fans something they can express themselves with. I’ve been doing my own makeup since I was probably six years old.”

The makeup collection is really all about the drama. The line currently includes four trendy color-tinted mascaras, four cream eyeshadow duos, four colorful gel eyeliners, two shimmering brow gels, and four highlighter strobe sticks. Nothing basic here!

Vanessa shared that she loves the playful colors and product types included in this launch.

“I think the thing that is so fun about makeup is just if you feel like it is too much you can always wipe it off,” she said. “Don’t feel like you have to play by the rules. You can do whatever your heart desires as long as you feel good. It’s so much fun to be able to transform yourself into different people with your looks. I feel like I take on different personalities, so it is fun to be able to explore different sides of yourself.”

You can definitely have a lot of fun experimenting with Sinful Colors’ new collection!

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