A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine in Just 5 Minutes

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Does your everyday makeup routine take forever? Ever wish you could cut your makeup time in half? Well, Janna from Richard Magazine says you can. With these quick and easy steps, you can adjust your everyday makeup routine to be less than 10 minutes! Now you’ll have more time to do all those other things you do before walking out the door. Just watch and see how Janna does it!

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If you want a foundation guide, check out Janna’s quick foundation tutorial here.

everyday makeup routine
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Time for concealer. To brighten up the bit under her eyes, Janna likes to use Vanilla Nars Radiant Cream. Brush the cream on in a triangle and pat it in lightly with your finger.

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For eyebrows, Janna uses the Maybelline Brow Define & Fill. Using the soft brown shade, she fills in the sparse areas of her brows and sharpens their shape. No matter your color, the goal is to have a strong, defined frame for your face.

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Back to the concealer to highlight the points above your eyebrow. Use Nars Radiant again here.

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Time for some Great Lash clear mascara! Use the kit brush to set your brows in place and clean up the shape even more. Remember, this an eyebrow step. Eyelashes come later.

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Now that your brows are defined, it’s time to add eye shadow. This step involves a few micro-steps. Start with Lorac Unzipped concealer to create a base, then apply some of the Undercover shade and dab it on your eyelid. Then blend a little Unconditional color gently into the eyelid crease. With a fluffier, bigger brush, dab on some of the Unreal color to add a little glow to the eyes.

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We’ve finally reached eyelash mascara time. Janna uses CoverGirl Clump for this step. Watch how she brushes with delicate, upward strokes to define each individual lash. Don’t forget to apply a little to your lower eyelashes as well!

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Apply some blush with the Elf Blush Palette. This quartet of colors will benefit most classic looks. Pick a shade and blend it in.

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Moving on down, it’s lip time. Maybelline Baby Lips will give a nice, pink glow to your lips.

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For stronger coloring, use a lip balm stain. The Jordana Twist & Shine will boost the color a bit more without overpowering the rest of your face.

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Once you’ve balmed and stained, finish off with some lip liner from Jordana. Outline your lips to add shape and extra shine.

Shake out that hair and you’re ready to go! This is a quick and easy way to approach your everyday makeup routine

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