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These Silver Foxes Of Hollywood Prove Gray Hair Is Totally Sexy

Sometime during the 80s or 90s, a group of beauticians decided gray hair was a negative thing. Youth, the energetic yuppie taking hold of the reins, that was the new definition of sexy and suave. Before long, thousands of people with graying hair were flocking to salons to dye away their silver streaks and keep up a youthful hair color. This negative perception of gray hair has endured into 2017, but it’s gradually being replaced with a more favorable belief. Basically, thanks to some Hollywood hunks, the idea that gray is a color of weakness is out and the sexy silver fox is in. That’s right. George Clooney is a total catch and the beauty world is well aware his graying hair plays into the mature nature of his charm. Whether you need more convincing or simply want to admire Hollywood’s wealth of silver foxes, here are the finest gray-haired men from the City of Stars.

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He kept the adorable smile and chopped off that dreadful 90s mullet. It seems that time has only been kind to Mr. Mulroney when it comes to his looks.

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With or without the goatee, Clooney defined what a silver fox was back when sexy gray hair was a rarity. He’ll probably retain his sexy man status until the bitter end.

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A pitch perfect sense of style and intense passion for journalism are just two of the things that have made Cooper an iconic newsman. He sure knows how to make white hair look intentional.

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Incredible youthful energy keeps this silver fox engaging and relatable no matter what hour he’s hosting gossip sessions. If ever gray hair was cute, it’s on his handsome head.

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The award for sweetest eyes of a silver fox goes to Dane without a hesitation. The hard thing is that his hair is graying already. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were pining after a dark blonde, curly-haired Mark Sloan.

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Silver-flecked Grant is just as charming and youthful as the one from Bridget Jones Diary. Even his deep lines don’t mask that infectious smile. Maybe there’s something to be said for choosing natural charm over Botox too…

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Slattery’s turn on Mad Men demonstrated just how dapper white hair can be. When he wears it, it feels like an aesthetic choice, as if he had it dyed dove white to make a stylistic statement.

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From a feisty young actor to seasoned professional, Ruffalo’s curls have never lost their bouncy character. He’s the king of wispy gray tips. If your curls are turning gray, just copy what he does here.

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There was always something about Joey’s face that endeared him to us. Add some gray hairs to that iconic “How YOU doin?” and you’ve got the ultimate silver fox from the 90s.

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Once James Bond, always smooth and sexy. Of course, technically Brosnan has a suave reputation before he took on the role of 007. Now, that character only adds to his sophisticated charm and the deliciously chic tone of his hair.

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It’s the blue eyes, the rugged beard, and that noticeable wisp of gray right above his forehead. Gray may only lick Kinney’s bangs at this point, but that’s still enough to make us go weak at the knees.

Gray hair is totally in. It may not be trendy enough for you to head out and have a colorist give you a few choice gray strands, but it’s certainly popular enough you don’t need to worry about dyeing any white hairs. When gray hair comes, embrace it like George Clooney. Just look how well it went for him!


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