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Sephora Collection Launches 40 Fun Lip Story Lipsticks

If your lipstick could tell a story, what would it say? Would it talk about all the outfits you have tried on before matching it with your current look? Would it keep track of all the cuties you’ve kissed? Or, would it fondly reminisce about the Instagram selfies it has been featured in? The reason we ask is because Sephora Collection’s latest line of lip products imagines the story behind every glam look.

“This is lipstick for real life, not just ring lights—lipsticks for celebrating the wild adventures, best moments, and magical memories in your life. So grab a shade or four and take your lipstick outside,” the brand shared. The collection’s themes include Holidaze, Lady Business, Global Citizen, Hashtag Throwback, Wifed Up, Spring Break State of Mind, Brunch Days, Top Down Life, Festival Vibes, and Pool O’Clock. Four lipsticks correspond to each theme, since lipstick lovers know you need a different shade for every moment of your life’s adventure.

These products are intended “celebrate wild adventures, childhood nostalgia, treasured memories, and the excitement of what the future holds,” Elizabeth Hayes, the Vice President of Sephora Collection, said in a statement. “Whether it’s a soft nude, classic red, deep berry, or creamy white — the shade range within the mini stories offers a little something for everyone.”

Naturally, the collection is exclusive to Sephora retail stores and

View the gallery below to see all 40 Sephora Lip Story lipsticks.

Click on individual images to expand the tiles and view the cute color names! You can shop your favorites, plus more launches from Sephora Collection, online now.

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