Selena Gomez Puma Defy Mid

Selena Gomez Debuts Puma DEFY Mid Sneaker Campaign

Somehow, Selena Gomez‘s ongoing partnership with Puma just keeps getting better. The 25-year-old singer and actress has revealed her latest sneaker campaign with the athletic wear brand, and it’s one of her sleekest and most glamorous yet! Along with her stunning photo shoot images, the star unveiled the Puma DEFY Mid sneakers – a pair of stylish kicks that are ready to help you take on your next workout.

“We reworked the way you work out. Elevated platform, amazing support, fashion-forward design,” the brand explained on social media about their performance-ready new launch.

Selena Gomez Puma Defy Mid

While Puma is putting performance first with these trainers, you will immediately notice standout fashion details incorporated into this shoe shape – accessories that Selena herself loves.

“The design of this shoe is great for training as well as everyday use,” the star shared in a press statement. “PUMA is always pushing the boundaries of mixing performance and style. On the new DEFY, I love the bootie-cut and the golden buckle accessory.”

Selena Gomez Puma Defy Mid

Selena has previously added that that she’s all about the bold inspiration driving these Puma campaigns.

“To defy is to be brave,” she shared. “It’s about pushing the envelope and not obeying any “expectations” placed on you by society. Puma has captured this feeling perfectly with their new Defy training shoe. I remind myself daily the importance of defying the outside noise and being true to myself.”

Selena Gomez Puma Defy Mid

The PUMA DEFY Midi show officially drops on Thursday, July 12.

You will be able to purchase them on and in select retail store locations. An exact price for this style has yet to be revealed, but we expect it to run around $90 like other DEFY models.

Selena Gomez Puma Defy Mid

Selena Gomez also stars in the Puma DEFY Mid campaign video, where she shows off the details of her kicks at the brand’s photo shoot.

You can check out the clip in the brand’s Instagram post below.

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