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The Samsung Frame Will Help You Re-Claim Your Wall Space for Art

Has your television ever felt like more of a distraction from your home decor than part of it? While we often center our living room seating arrangement around the best TV views, giant flat screens aren’t exactly the most chic of focal points. Enter: the Samsung Frame, an innovative technology designed to re-dedicate your wall space to art.

Designed by Yves Béhar’s studio Fuseproject and debuted in Paris earlier this year, this Samsung television is designed to showcase artwork when it’s not in use. When the device is off, the screen will auto-adjust to display art in the correct lighting for the room. When the sensor detects that nobody is in the room to appreciate it, the screen turns completely off as not to waste power.

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“In our smaller homes and apartments, when a television is off, its black square takes up valuable real estate,” Béhar said about the inspiration behind the technology. “Rather than designing a product that only comes to life when watching entertainment, we began to think about a display that offers new inspiration in our lives. What if the TV display in my home delivered a different experience? What if the TV disappeared in the décor when it’s not in use?”

The Samsung Frame connects to an online store where users are able to purchase and download the art they would like to display. There are also 100 free designs available to select from, or a $5 a month subscription service if you want to curate an entire collection.

This is a whole new territory for the Samsung brand.

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“At Samsung, we have built our leadership in the TV business by delivering the very best ways for consumers to view their favorite content on TV – which until now, has been focused primarily on picture quality and interaction,” the Senior VP of Consumer Electronics for Samsung Electronics America Dave Das said. “With The Frame, we are changing how consumers actually view the TV itself. The entire concept of The Frame is unique and totally groundbreaking. When it’s turned on, it offers the stunning picture quality our customers expect. When it’s turned off, it becomes the picture itself. So whether viewing movies or art, The Frame will redefine what consumers expect from a TV.”

The Samsung Frame is currently available in two sizes: a 65-inch model costing $2,799, and a 55-inch model that is priced at $1,999. Both sizes are able to be further customized with interchangeable bezels, which were inspired by museum frame designs.

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