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Satisfy Your Inner Romantic With Royal Wedding Fashion

Are you one of those people who freaks out about wedding fashion even though you doubt you’ll ever get married? Step out into the light and don’t be ashamed! There are plenty of fashionistas like you pining after lacy white dresses and decadent veils while secretly questioning the idea of getting hitched for life. That’s why we have celebrities and other wealthy people to Instagram the ceremonies for us so we can live the moment and celebrate their fashion without having to brave the altar ourselves. As you inevitably know, summer is wedding season and we’ve been keeping your dreamy mind busy with celebrity wedding fashion and the best veils of all time. However, nothing quite beats royal wedding fashion when it comes to fantasizing about how to dress on that momentous day of days. It’s just unattainable enough to be safe. Come indulge in the lesser known wedding wardrobes of monarchical matrimony.

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Few people know that monarchy is alive and well in Sweden. There’s no ruling royal family, of course, but they do have dukes and duchesses like the English. That’s where this gorgeous lace dress came from, the wedding of reality TV star Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip. A custom Ida Sjödstedt gown, the long lace sleeves and A-line silhouette are within the common Swedish tradition.

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There is no escaping the legendary Grace Kelly when it comes to royal wedding fashion. When you bring the finest of Hollywood with you to design a wedding dress, there’s no doubt they’ll write a bit of history in the process. This flowing gown was made by Academy Award-winner Helen Rose and featured 25 yards of taffeta and 125-year-old lace embroidered with pearls. If that’s not a recipe for immortality in the fashion world, we don’t know what is.

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When Rania Yassin joined the royal family of Jordan, she did it with a grace and style reminiscent of young Princess Diana. Interestingly, her short-sleeved dress covered in ethnic gold detail was designed by the one and only Bruce Oldfield, a favorite dressmaker of Diana’s. With the new husband decked out in his black and red military uniform, there was no shortage of prestige at this royal wedding.

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Elizabeth’s wedding gown is a memorable reminder that not all royal dresses come easily. Engaged to be married shortly after WWII, this dress was made with materials purchased using clothing ration coupons. Fortunately, that didn’t stop Norman Hartnell from crafting a worthy dress for the future queen. It featured thousands of seed pearls and crystals sewn into ornate floral lace à la Botticelli’s Primavera.

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It was a surprising combination back then, but when Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari married the last Shah of Iran she did it in a Christian Dior dress with 37 yards of silver lamé. Also, adorned with 20,000 native feathers and 6,000 rare diamonds, it was one of the most elaborate pieces of royal wedding fashion ever to make it down the aisle. With all the jewels, it was probably one of the heaviest gowns in history too.

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When Letizia Ortiz married the future king of Spain, she wore a high-collared dress that almost put Princess Diana’s long-trained dress to shame. Covered in silver and gold embroidery and featuring a 15-foot train, Manuel Pertegaz certainly left a sizable dent in royal wedding fashion lore. With Felipe VI dressed to the nines in navy blue regalia, it was a wedding that represented a hopeful future for the controversial Spanish monarchy.

Have you drunk your fill of luxurious wedding attire worn by the world’s most regal leaders? Are you conjuring a dream ceremony in your head with dozens of decorative outfits you’d love to wear but could never afford? Good. Then our work is done here. Enjoy your reverie.


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