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Ritz-Carlton Cruises Will Bring You Luxury Hospitality On The High Seas

You know the Ritz-Carlton. For over a century, it has been the domineering luxury hotel throughout the world. If you think we’re exaggerating, just consider how people respond to its iconic name. Whether you’re spending a night in New York City or visiting Moscow, the phrase “I’m staying at the Ritz-Carlton” conjures an unmistakable image of decadence and majesty. These glorious features extend even further into everyday lexicon. Where did you think the saying “putting on the ritz” came from?  Yet, despite its coveted position, the folks who helm this illustrious chain want still more. That’s where 2017’s newest fleet of custom-built luxury yachts comes in. Embracing the exclusivity of yacht culture, Ritz-Carlton has announced they will be entering the cruise market with a collection of luxury-yachts that will make even the most reluctant seafarer reconsider. Here’s why your next exotic vacation needs to be aboard a Ritz-Carlton cruise-yacht.

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Perhaps this isn’t very much of a reason, but we think it’s worth mentioning. The launch of a Ritz-Carlton cruise ship next May will mark the first time a luxury hotel chain has taken to the waves. Just imagine what a seaborne Ritz-Carleton will be like. For an ocean lover, it may well border on paradise.

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Riding aboard this vessel will feel like staying in a proper land-ridden hotel. Each suite is structured like a classic Ritz-Carlton room. Of course, the illusion will be broken by occasional waves and the spacious watery scenery, but for the most part, you’ll have the ocean at your beck and call without constant reminders to be seasick. For an inexperienced voyager, what could be better?

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This new fleet of luxury ships won’t set sail until 2019, but Ritz-Carlton are already dropping hints about the breath-taking locales you’ll be able to visit on your cruise. Like the hotel chain, the itineraries for each cruise are global in scale. Along with the traditional Caribbean destinations, you can opt to tour the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and even Asia.

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There’s an intimate feel to the new Ritz-Carlton cruise ship. Each vessel may feature 149 suites, but that number is deceptive. Most cruise ships have 300 to 500 rooms on board. Thanks to its small size, you’ll have a better chance of making good friends as you wander about the decks each day. The size also means Ritz-Carlton voyages can dock at ports like Capri, which are too small for the enormous commercial ships owned by companies like Royal Caribbean.

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Luxury-yacht cruises aren’t so much about the structure of your vehicle as they are curating an experience. There’s a private energy Ritz-Carlton is trying to tap into, one that applauds local chefs, musicians, and artists throughout each trip. On a busy commercial cruise, you get Disney performances and a set menu. Yacht style invites you to casually explore your options and pick a favorite.

If you’re not a cruise person. Ritz-Carlton is campaigning hard to change your mind. Their debut voyage is a few years off, so there’s plenty of time to convince you it’s an experience worth having. Reservations open May 2018. Don’t be late!


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