Richard Magazine’s Exclusive Photoshoot with Shock and Awww

If you’re a Richard Magazine veteran, you know the awesomeness that is a Shock and Awww photoshoot. You’ve seen their hip streetwear and heard the story of how they made a dress for Katy Perry that she went on to wear during multiple concerts on tour. We’ve been enamored with their looks since we met them at NYFW this fall and a few weeks ago we finally got them in our studio to show off their dynamic new pieces. What more did we learn about these up-and-coming fashion sisters? Have a look and see!

Shock and Awww x Richard Magazine

Pictures Courtesy of Manny Oliveira

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Shock and Awww: Behind the Scenes

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These twin sisters grew up sewing. Small town girls from a Michigan town, it was their grandmother who first instilled in them the value of creativity. From a young age, they were encouraged to be inventive and most importantly, be themselves. When you look at their vivid patterns and unique blend of colors and materials, it’s clear they know how to embrace individuality and help others do the same.


The inspiration for their aesthetics was built while they were young, but it wasn’t until high school when Shawn and Claire truly fell in love with fashion. While living with their grandmother for seven years, her love of fashion provided the two with chic means of releasing their rebellious teenage angst. When it was time for college, the girls decided to pursue the passion they had developed in high school. This a knack for edgy fashion and trendy clothes, it seemed like an obvious path.

shock and awww katy perry
Courtesy of Shock & Awww


When Katy Perry is one of the first people to wear your fashion label, you know you’re in for somewhat of an unconventional journey. Shock and Awww’s rise to fame started out backwards. The girls began designing primarily for celebrities and are just beginning to break into a more mainstream market now. Their debut at NYFW was a huge boost in this regard. The show was packed with young Hollywood talent. Actress Violett Beane adored the looks so much she asked to wear one of them straight off the runway.


On their website, Shock and Awww describe their clothing as “luxury streetwear apparel and powerful, brightly-colored, energetic statement-pieces design to help you take charge of your career, life, and dreams.” How do they achieve such a strong look? The designers experiment with pairing unexpected patterns, fashioning traditional silhouettes with a modern twist. The designs are accessible but bold. Innovations are subtle so you can feel comfortable and understated while still dressing up to the latest trends. Initially a company focused on women’s fashion, Shock and Awww clothing now includes menswear.

shock and awww
Courtesy of Shock & Awww


Have you ever wanted to add lettering to a bomber jacket or remove the impetuous ‘Big Pink Ass’ you had printed on the butt of your sweatpants? Shock and Awww know how you feel and they came up with a solution. With their new DIY letter magnets and pins, you can attach temporary lettering to any outfit you want. If you don’t mind piercing the material, go for the pin option. If you want to keep your shirt or pants hole-free, then use a simple magnet. Flexible and innovative as ever, these accessories will be available in the brand’s online store in the next few months.


From #Twinning stars to high-end fashion names, Shawn and Claire have closely shared each success on their path to fame. It’s no surprise their fashion label is a perfect reflection of their partnership. Shawn provides the edgy gritty ‘shock’ of the brand and is the definite mouthpiece in interviews. Claire is an old soul, the more feminine ‘awww’ side to Shock and Awww fashion.

We here at Richard had an amazing time shooting Shock and Awww and learning more about them as a company. Enjoy our knowledgeable enthusiasm and add these trendy clothes to your Christmas list this year. Luckily, the men’s fashion looks are here in time for the holidays! Find all the brand’s clothing at and if you’re an Instragramer, check out @shockandawww and @claireandshaw.

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