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Revlon Is Launching a Shade-Inclusive Prestige Beauty Brand Called Flesh

When it comes to inclusivity, the beauty industry has never been better with selling options for different skin tones. But of course, there’s still a long way to go. Now, a new prestige makeup brand called Flesh from the makers of Revlon and journalist/Allure founder/Revlon Chief Creative Officer Linda Wells is coming soon, and gearing up to showcase inclusive colors beyond the basics of foundations and concealers.

This diversity-driven launch will debut exclusively at Ulta Beauty stores on July 8 after first appearing online at Ulta.com this June 24.

The first range will feature a well-rounded array of 40 high-quality foundation shades, along with 14 highlighters, 13 lipstick colors, and 8 blushes, which are all aimed at challenging the misconception that there’s one universally flattering shade of “nude.” As exciting as this news is, the creative team knows that this isn’t exactly “revolutionary” – yet it’s continuing an important movement already making waves in the makeup industry.

“It’s really focused on the idea of flesh being all flesh colors — we’re redefining the notion of what flesh color really is and having it be inclusive on every level,” Linda Wells told WWD. “Now, 40 foundations has almost become the industry standard, but it’s really broadening that conversation and proposition out to other products as well.”

Call it the Fenty Beauty effect if you will, but we are thrilled to see new beauty labels popping up to fill in the gaps left behind by older brands’ lack of representation.

In addition to being a step in the right direction for skin tone inclusivity, Flesh’s new products also seem to be ageless – there’s not any one particular age demographic being targeted with their branding. We will say that the Flesh products themselves will come housed in sleek, compact, Instagram-friendly tubes – and retail at a luxury prestige price point.

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