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Rehab Tips For Nails To Help You Get Through Your Break-Up With Gel Manicures

Unfortunately, gel manicures are as beautiful as people say. Even their greatest critics can’t deny gels blow conventional manicures out of the water. The problems arise after you’ve enjoyed a week or two of freshly groomed, perfectly glossy nails. Despite all their merits, gel manicures are atrocious to remove and usually leave their fans with withered tips. This is partly because gels are just not that healthy in the first place, but mostly due to DIY beauty gurus who recommend terrible techniques for removing your tired glossy finish. Sure, once the sparkle fades it’s time to kiss your gel manicure goodbye, but must you really resort to filing away at your digits or aggressively scraping off excess polish? Surely there’s a better solution with less potential for grievous consequences. Lucky for you, we’ve found a kinder alternative. Here’s how to rehab your nails without settling for YouTube’s unnecessarily painful regimen.

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If you’ve picked, filed, or peeled away your gel manicure, your nail plates will be terribly uneven. A simple low-stress buff will smooth things over and prevent further chipping.

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Everyone should take more holidays from intense nail polish than they do. Even more so after a particularly trying gel manicure removal. Give your nails a break. They deserve it.

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This step isn’t so much essential as it is practical. Your nails will be super soft after you remove your gels. Take advantage of their tender state and get busy with those clippers. Trimming your tips will also help prevent your nails from breaking off in their malleable condition.

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Oil probably isn’t the curing substance you’d turn to first to soothe your raw cuticles, but one coat can go a long way. If you’ve got devastated nails, vitamin E oil will hydrate them in no time. Water-based lotion is another excellent way to hydrate irritated nails.

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Some healing treatments can take place while you’re asleep. Remove the itching temptation to fuss with your nails by slipping on moisturizing gloves before bed. These unique hand masks are infused with oils and creams designed to continue your rejuvenating regimen no matter where your head is.

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This is a big no-no after your nails have suffered through a gel manicure. Cuticles protect the new nails emerging above your skin. If you must fidget with these flaps of skin, push them back with an orange stick. That will keep them at bay without further frustrating your digits.

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Your nails don’t necessarily have to go the full monty if you’re not using nail polish for a few weeks. Top them off with a strengthening product for a touch of gloss and more healing power. Rarely do health and wellness regimens make you look this good.

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If you thought eating healthy was only good for losing weight and curing acne, think again. Scattering fruits and vegetables into all your dishes can be instrumental in getting your nails back in working order. If you can endure a gel manicure, you have the will power to diet for a few weeks.

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Do it. You need their expertise and state-of-the-art tools to truly whip your nails back into shape. If you can find a salon that uses the IBX System, even better. This process helps fill injured grooves with a healing serum to fix areas where tore off product left weak spots.

Recovering from a bad gel removal is not the painful ordeal YouTube makes it out to be. With the right tools and patience, your nails can be on the road to recovery in just hours. Maybe a gel manicure is worth it after all.


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