RED FLAG ALERT: Avoid Guys That Wear the Following…

You need to know how to detect potential red flags for men beyond typical commitment issues and superiority complexes. It’s easy to know what you think of a guy when he rants about sexism or doesn’t talk at all, but what if you can’t quite tell what his deal is? If you can’t determine his true colors by the end of the night, you need more subtle indicators. If there’s anything you should learn from reading Richard Magazine or any other fashion blog it’s what you wear says who you are. So, when in doubt, look at his clothes. Is he wearing cargo pants or slacks? A cardigan or t-shirt? Does he following clothing trends or rebelliously defy them? You’d be surprised how connected bad men’s fashion is to relationship red flags. Observe closely and you’ll save yourself some very awkward post-sleepover conversations.

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Cargo Pants

I hope you don’t expect me to soar off into a frenzied reminder of how terrible cargo pants are. They should not be worn and I hate the 90s assholes who invented them. It’s no surprise these staples of bad men’s fashion are also a red flag. Those pockets are full of lies. He’s probably a cheater, though those pants will keep most women away from him so the cheating will be hard. He might also be a hoarder. Do you really want to go steady with a cheating hoarder man? No. You don’t.

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The Casual Vest

If it’s a proper Prince Harry waistcoat for a wedding or a party, go for it. It’s a bit much, but at least it shows fashion awareness and effort. When the man across the table from you is sporting a vest over a t-shirt or without sleeves entirely, pause for reflection. Can this guy really handle a committed, monogamous relationship if he can’t eve commit to sleeves? The answer is he can’t. Don’t bother.

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Five-Toe Shoes

When a shoe makes you wish your date had the decency to choose some fashionable crocs, you know it’s not going to end well. Five-toed shoes are never acceptable, especially not on a date! If your man is running around like this, he’s clearly a brat waiting to be corrected. You shouldn’t have to dictate such basic men’s fashion knowledge to the man you’re dating! There’s nothing else to say. If this horrendous attempt at a shoe is not a red flag I don’t know what is.

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Fur Coat

Dating a man who wears a fur coat is a good way to be mistaken for a prostitute. If you read any men’s fashion blogs, it will tell you the only men who wear fur coats are misogynistic monsters. Don’t date a guy who looks like a pimp! There are plenty of warm, comfortable coat clothing trends that don’t have these negative connotations. A good man will see this and find himself something less pimpy.

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Backwards Sunglasses

This is the cargo pant of eyewear fashion. No one has eyes in the back of their head. The backward baseball cap was bad enough, but now you’re assembling a full face at the back of your head? If 90s cool-boy-wannabe isn’t a dating red flag to you, you’re either tragically desperate or dangerously nostalgic. Neither is cute. Get yourself together and swipe left. No one should date a wannabe.

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Shark Tooth Necklace

Another 90s atrocity most people would be happy to forget. Yet, a surprising amount of men still try to swing the tooth necklace. This should be a serious red flag. If you feel you must prove your manhood with a trashy Florida beach bum accessory, what is the sum of your masculinity? Do you even know what a proper necklace is, dude?

If you keep your eyes peeled, fashion can help you pinpoint red flags. Whether on a first date or evaluating a very serious certain question, let men’s fashion steer you in the right direction as you pick out a man. Burn all cargo pants and let the eliminations begin.

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