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Rag & Bone Debuts a ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Collection

A high-fashion clothing line inspired by Star Wars? Sign us up! Just in time for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15, Rag & Bone is releasing a clothing and accessories collection inspired by the iconic film franchise on December 1. Don’t think this is your typical space-themed movie merch, though. Each piece in this sophisticated special edition launch is true to the Rag & Bone label’s aesthetic.

“I’d imagine it’s quite easy to come up with Star Wars memorabilia a fan would love, but what we were trying to do was marry that with pieces that fit within our collection,” Rag & Bone CEO, Founder, and Creative Director Marcus Wainwright said. “We wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place, so we had to be subtle; we couldn’t just stamp Star Wars on the front.”

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You may recognize elements of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker’s movie costumery in the designs. But, you can still easily enjoy the styling of the collection without knowing too much about the Star Wars universe too.

“There is a slight process of discovery in the clothes—if you’re a Star Wars fan, you see where the references come from, but we wanted things that people could wear in their everyday lives,” Marcus Wainwright shared.

The reason why the Rag & Bone Star Wars merger works so well is because the brand is already known for utilitarian detailing and street style edge. These elements are just amped up for this collection.

“Functional details, quilting, and military references has always been a part of the brand, [so] we updated those pieces with subtle references to film,” Marcus Wainwright said, asserting again that it’s more important for the clothes to be wearable than for them to look like real movie costumes. “Rag & Bone is about quality, well-made clothes. We wanted to make sure the visual details from the film balanced with the idea that these are clothes you can wear.”

The sweaters, boots, tees, and purses in this line range from $95 to $1,295. You will be able to shop the collection starting on December 1 on Rag & Bone’s own website and in some stores. Select pieces will also be available at ShopDisney.

Check out some standout pieces from the Rag & Bone Star Wars collection below.

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