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Quirky Makeup Trends to Know for 2017

If you blink, you might miss the latest quirky makeup trends. They come in unexpected bursts. When a beauty guru discovers a new technique they think is cool, they try it out and post their results on YouTube. If they’re lucky, the discovery leads to a full-on trend. The 21st century is an exciting time to be a makeup fanatic. You can share any makeup ideas you have on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you need beauty inspiration, just pull out your phone and check up on your favorite social media beauticians. 2016 brought us a colorful array of unicorn, mermaid, holographic, and glitter looks. What quirky looks are in store for 2017? Here’s a look at what’s trending so far.


You’ve probably tried two-toned lips at least once by now. 2016 was all about multi-colored lips. Pink and purple, red and pink. Two-toned lips are still a thing this year, but they’ve been topped by the elaborate patterned lip. This patterned lip tutorial from Eyedolize is a riff on mermaid makeup. Don’t let the detailed complexity scare you. As you’ll see in the video, with the right tools quirky makeup trends can be surprisingly simple. You can bet we’ll see plenty of interesting varieties on this look over the next 10 months.


Bold lips aren’t new, but they’ve never been mainstream. In 2017, that’s all going to change. It’s time to go out and purchase those rich, dark lipsticks you’ve been craving. When you embrace the wild world of bold-colored lips, don’t forget to work with your skin tone. If your skin is pale, use a vivid but light-colored lip color to avoid looking albino. Also, unless you really want to go full Goth, steer clear of deep black lips and heavily-powdered cheeks. If you follow these beauty rules, you can wear bold lips practically anywhere. “Mainstream” may not sound cool, but bold lips at the office certainly do.


It’s a little over the top, but it’s rainbows, so who really cares? After all, 2016 gave us Puking Rainbow Snapchat filters and rainbow bagels. Let YouTuber sophdoesnails show you the ropes. Her rainbow highlighter from 2True features five stripes of color which she recommends swirling all together on your cheek for a nice glow. You can also try walking around with colorful stripes on both sides of your face, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Permanent facial tattoos are a big no-no. You don’t want one chapter of your life plastered all over your face forever. That’s where appliqué comes in. The 2010s are shaping up to be the “anything goes” decade of makeup and face art. If you’ve been longing for a chance to try a face tattoo, smack on this temporary one. Pairing eye makeup designs with face tattoo “art” is already causing a stir in the beauty guru community. If there’s buzz now, imagine what the trend will look like by mid-spring. Better get good at it now!


Last year, Coach debuted the controversial hologram purse. It didn’t sell well, but it ushered in tons of imitation designs at fall fashion shows in New York. Holographic fashion still didn’t stick after its runway debut, but that didn’t stop the beauty industry. In January, holographic lipstick started showing up on social media. These iridescent glosses can transform flat, regular lipstick into a shiny, color-shifting rainbow. It’s the perfect bling for your summer look. Perhaps lips are where the hologram will finally succeed.


Makeup can’t solve all your problems, but it can fix more than just your face. Body contouring will do wonders for your neck and chest. This technique isn’t new. Women have been upping their cleavage game with makeup since the dawn of the new millennium. It’s just never been used with any consistency. This year, the critics say it’s poised to be the body makeup of the year. It seems Vogue’s ‘The Death of Cleavage’ announcement didn’t have a lasting impression.


Suicide Squad was a big disappointment, but it did bring us mismatched eyes. In the spirit of badassery and two-toned lips, you can now test out two eye colors at once. It’s a great look to try if there are dozens of unused colors on your favorite makeup palette. Like most quirky makeup trends, you’ve got to go big or go home. This look needs two contrasting colors to stand out. Try this vivid pink and blue combo from YouTube beauty guru Jodie Caughey. It’s all-out Harvey Quinn but you’ll look cute and feisty. For a Friday night of fun, it’s an acceptable decision.

The quirky makeup trends of 2017 are all about expressing yourself. If there’s something fun and temporary you’ve always wanted to try, give it a go and record your attempt. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make it on our next trendy makeup list.



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