PÜR Barbie Collection

PÜR Creates Barbie Beauty Collection for Doll’s 60th Anniversary

If you’re a full-grown adult who is still not-so-secretly waiting for an enchanting Barbie Dreamhouse to show up in your childhood bedroom, we have a perfect new product recommendation for you. Beauty brand PÜR is honoring the iconic doll’s 60th anniversary this summer with a special makeup line dedicated to her legendary glamour. Of course, all of the PÜR Barbie collection packaging is done up in the fashionista’s signature pink color.

“Barbie is such an iconic figure that many of us have grown up with over the years, so we wanted to create a really fun and inspiring collection that furthers her mission through the use of makeup,” PÜR’s Vice President of Marketing and Innovation Tisha Thompson said, via Popsugar.

The makeup range features a great variety of shades and products – including a highlighter, colorful eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, lip gloss, faux lashes, and a complexion brush – and they’re all named after key parts of Barbie’s 60-year history. You’ll love the Iconic Lips Signature Semi-Matte Lipstick in Legendary, or the Endless Possibilities 12-Piece Pressed Pigments Palette.

Click through the gallery below to see products from the PÜR Barbie collection.

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“Barbie naturally sparks that inner girly-girl within each of us, so we wanted superglam shades that were combined with wearable colors to maximize the use of this collection,” Thompson added. “We allowed Mattel’s mantra of ‘limitless potential’ to inspire us throughout the entire development phase for a finished product that fits into any lifestyle, whether you’re an entrepreneur, teacher, doctor, artist, student, etc.”

Barbie is surely going to be celebrating her 60th birthday in style!

The PÜR Barbie collection will be available on PÜR’s website starting on August 2, 2019.

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