Pre-Fall Dior 2017 collection

Embrace Individuality With The Pre-Fall 2017 Dior Collection

The Pre-Fall 2017 Dior collection is a celebration of the brand’s 70th anniversary. It is also an exploration of how individuality can be a fashion choice. Weaving these two powerful themes into a cohesive whole is the company’s first female artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri. A recent addition to the famed Parisian maison, this Pre-Fall 2017 show will be her first big collection for Christian Dior and the first time she is designing in the heart of Paris. That, more than anything else, is what inspired one of the most diverse Christian Dior fashion collections. Everything is on display here, from neo-folkloric metallic embroidery to Japanese-inspired denim. Though heritage-driven and clearly influenced by 2017’s penchant for vintage designs, Chiuri’s collection is all-inclusive rather than limiting the confines of high-class haute couture. This year, “wear you” is the most important fashion philosophy out there. Let this Pre-Fall 2017 Dior collection inspire you to let your inner stylist soar.

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Slip on some knee-length riding boots and a velvet-covered helmet for energetic excursions this fall. It turns out horses are totally in style.


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Traditional attire is taking on a darker personality in 2017. Match your rebel biker look with a lacy maxi skirt for a compelling mix-and-match.

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This outfit may be hard to find outside a runway show, but it demonstrates a signature 2017 philosophy. When it comes to contemporary fashion, show all the skin you can.

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Exotic and die-hard 70s chic, the Pre-Fall 2017 Dior collection dabbled in true vintage with this tassel-fringed design. If black-on-black is your favorite aesthetic, something like this is perfect.

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One of Coachella’s biggest breakout trends was the branded bra strap. Nails decked out in company names were in too. This fall, Dior takes fashion as advertisement one step further with this emblazoned poncho.

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If you were struggling to understand what we meant earlier, here’s an example of Dior’s Asian-inspired denim design. They’re basically faded bell-bottoms that ride especially high.

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This 90s outfit is loud and proud. Featuring dress-like prints on a jean skirt and denim vest, it hints at that Canadian tuxedo we all love so much to hate on.

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Lace is a big deal in 2017. Everything from hats to shoes feature at least a touch of this ornate switchwork. These Dior trousers will have everyone staring in no time.

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The baby doll dress is back with a hint of gothic flair in the ebony coloring. It also has extremely thin cuffs that are almost see-through. It’s a fun way to dress up your 90s chic.

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They say red is going to be the signature color in your fall 2017 wardrobe. If that’s the case, try adding this furry boa to a subtle t-shirt and skirt combo.  It will immediately make you the woman of the hour.

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Shorts for women haven’t featured on a runway for a few years now, but that isn’t stopping this Pre-Fall 2017 Dior collection. Using the success of RompHims to buoy the idea, they’ve created a women’s jumpsuit that will have you looking sophisticated and youthful all at once.

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Modeled after famous cathedral designs from Medieval times, this look can be formal or casual. It’s a decorative way to introduce your latest Dior purchase to friends over brunch.

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Usually, leopard prints and other animal patterns are stand-alone statement pieces. Chiuri and the Dior design team give you official permission to match other compelling prints you’re your animal patterns. Again, “wear you” fashion loud and proud.

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Patchwork came into its own on the 2016 winter runways. While this outfit uses a subtler technique than the embroidered tops from last year, it still abides by the stitchwork aesthetic. If grandma’s quilt is as amazing as you say, why not try it out as a poncho?

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Pink is the pastel of choice for 90s renaissance designers. Though usually a part of spring fashion shows, the Pre-Fall 2017 Dior collection extends this piece of high school style into the fall season. If you have a cold weather charity event to attend, this is your ticket to good dance partners.

Individuality is key in any wardrobe, but the Pre-Fall 2017 Dior collection begs you to explore more options than you’re comfortable with. Choose some outfits you like and some that are pushing the envelope. That’s what being diverse is all about.



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