Prada Fall/Winter 2018

Las Vegas Inspiration Brings the Prada Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign To Life

Model Amanda Murphy stars in the vibrant and electric Prada Fall/Winter 2018 collection campaign, and her captivating photo shoot images bring to life a festive and attention-grabbing new season. The latest installment in the designer label’s Prada 365 series, Neon Dream, is inspired by the always dazzlingly lit city of Las Vegas – and the magic of its nighttime surroundings.

“A shimmering avatar amongst a lightscape that intermingles the clichés of Vegas with signs and signifiers drawn from the universe of Prada – emblazoned across both the night sky and her own body – Murphy herself becomes a luminous representation of Prada,” the brand explained about the campaign. “Center screen, she becomes another neon symbol in a city composed of hyperreal reflections of actuality.”

We were instantly captivated by the collection’s fiery flame decor heels, Instagram-ready hot pink Cloudburst sneakers, sassy shoulder bags, edgy Ultravox sunglasses, and more statement accessories. Plus, gauzy chiffon dresses and layered, vintage-patterned sweaters make up our favorite wardrobe pieces. The bold colors and textures of the garments themselves are further amplified by the electrifying yet dream-like scenery.

“Exuberant fluorescent pink, red, and orange contrasts with the inky blue-black skies in blurred, impressionistic vistas of Las Vegas – images that, ultimately, represent an idea of the city, a mirage, an ideal,” Prada added. “Throughout, this woman’s personality and power shines through – she is a woman in the night but in control, unafraid. The reality controlling the dream.”

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All images Willy Vanderperre via Prada


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