Go Go Power Rangers… Skincare! See GLAMGLOW’s Fun New Face Masks

What’s better than pampering yourself with luxurious skincare? How about taking care of yourself with an at-home spa day and having a blast while doing so? This Halloween, we are absolutely loving the clever inspiration behind GLAMGLOW‘s Gravity Mud firming treatment face masks: our favorite characters Saban’s Power Rangers. The latest skincare product launches come in daring green and gold colors you’ll want to snap a selfie wearing.

Rita Repulsa Green

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Power Rangers fans may know that the villainous Rita Repulsa is the archenemy to the group of superheroes. But her signature evil green hue has never looked better than it does as a skin-firming mud mask.

The mask “is an out-of-this-world instant tightening and firming treatment that contains mega-targeted ingredients that work together to give you superhero contours that look and feel more devilishly defined,” according to the product’s website. “Once dry, the innovative formula peels off to reveal skin that feels tighter and more lifted. For contours so sexy, they’re ready for galactic domination.”

Goldar Gold

Under Rita Repulsa’s command, Power Rangers experts will know that you will find the cat-like warrior Goldar. GLAMGLOW’s opulent yellow-gold mask mimics the ornate costuming we have seen the character wear.

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Both the green and gold options contain the same luxury ingredients that you can find in GLAMGLOW’s other Gravity Mud products, just with a fun twist. Face masks are already trendy to share photos of on social media, but these highly-pigmented formulas take the enjoyment to the next level.

To use either of these products, apply a generous, even layer to your clean skin, avoiding your hair and eyes. Relax as you let it dry for about 20-30 minutes. After the mask has completely dried, gently peel back the edges to remove the mud mask, and rinse off any remaining residue with warm water.

Both Rita Repulsa Green and Goldar Gold masks are now available to purchase for $34 each via GLAMGLOW.

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