Chicago Playground

Chicago Playground was launched by Rodnell Harris in 2008 to reminisce his basketball college days in the West Side of Chicago. Remembering his college days sparked an idea to create Letterman jackets and collegiate sweaters that sent a positive message and resembled his life in Chicago. Chicago Playground is a lifestyle brand that inspires one to feel appreciated, honored and valued with an ethical vision of work through sports, music and culture. The label is an elemental style of art, but can also be classified as a cool and rebellious line of garments. The varsity classics are refined with an innovative chic-downtown flair for a personal style approach. The mission is to portray the solid values and goals of The Playground’s tradition, and to embody a lifestyle inspired by the unity of people working towards a common goal: success and excellence. Harris’s objective is to unite people through his clothing and to work with high school athletes to create an ambassadors program.


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