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Celebrity Eyebrows That Put Yours To Shame

If you keep track of eyebrow trends at all, you probably know the famed thick eyebrows of model and Hollywood star Cara Delevingne. Ever since critics singled out her unique look back in 2015, women and girls everywhere have been chasing the dream of solid-looking brows. The craze led to numerous beauty techniques as diverse as brushing against the grain to make your hairs stand out to painting over or tattooing thinner areas of your brow to create the illusion of extra thickness. Pretty impressive given that Delevingne never set out to have a transformative impact on beauty in the first place. She was simply wearing her naturally hairy brows for all to see. In honor of Delevingne’s new film Valerian and the of a Thousand Planets, here are some other iconic brows people have been coveting since trendy celebrity eyebrows became a popular thing.

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This year’s life-action Belle has decently thick brows that arch just enough above her eye. However, it’s not the shape or width of her eyebrows that has everyone coveting them. Watson’s brows are perfectly filled out and fade gently away at the edges. Rarely does human hair grow to her level of artistic perfection.

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When it comes to beauty trends, the Duchess of Cambridge is usually lingering somewhere nearby. Middleton’s brows form a flat surface above her eye while gently sloping toward the center of her face in the center. If you want to groom your brows for a sophisticated outing, hers are a good guide to follow.

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Don’t mess with Queen Bey. More aggressive than Watson and Kate, Beyoncé still manages to maintain natural looking brows during her concerts. Only sculpted to the bare minimum, she opts for thick hair toward the center of her face and a thinner point over the further edge of her eye.

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Britain’s got talent and some excellent eyebrows to go along with it. A long-time judge on the famous show, it could be argued that Holden was wearing Delevingne brows before Cara made them famous. Whoever the trend should be credited too, it’s undebatable that both women can rock thick eyebrows like nobody’s business.

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Thin eyebrows aren’t the most popular these days, but some celebs are still pulling off the refined look with flying colors. Keegan grooms here brows so that they trace the gentle contour of her skull perfectly. She’s definitely someone you should imitate if thin brows look good on you.

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Always well-trimmed and classically stylish, Knightley keeps her brows rough and bushy to contrast with wispy thin hair and a gentle complexion. The contrast works surprisingly well. So well, in fact, it almost wipes away our fear of combining beauty techniques in one fell swoop.

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As an opera singer, she’s not a widely recognizable figure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some eyebrow inspiration from her unique blend of precise sculpting and bushy brushing. Like Knightley, Jenkins prefers to contrast refined and rougher techniques when it comes to brow style.

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She’s had everything from smooth, thin contours to thick, bushy stripes, but Jolie’s brow style is always on point no matter what look she’s going for. Study the variety of her ways for insights into when you should wear each of your favorite eyebrow looks and how.

Eyebrows may seem inconsequential compared to the rest of your fashion and beauty look, but the devil is in the details. A carefully groomed eyebrow can turn people on to your beauty prowess and sense of style even without them knowing it. If you want to up the ante on your hairstyling ability this fall, learn to give your eyebrows a good makeover.


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