street style Pitti Uomo 2017

Trendy Italians Show Off Their Street Style at Pitti Uomo 2017

Italy has a reputation for uncompromising couture and uniquely seductive fashion. One could argue that such an aesthetic can be found on the entire European continent, but there’s something specific about the Italian spirit that oozes exceptional style unmatched in London, Spain, or even France. Perhaps it is the flirtatious personalities or the bold acceptance of any trend regardless of gender politics or social connotations. It’s this emboldened fashion awareness that makes attending a show in Milan or observing street style in Venice so rewarding. You’re not guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before, but you will find dozens of examples of how to wear unconventional designs like floral suits with confidence. Vintage fashion doesn’t feel like reinventing the past when you’re in Italy, but rather as if the past was just yesterday and never really left. See what compelling lesson you can uncover in these shots from Milan’s Pitti Uomo Fashion Week.

street style
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You could see metrosexual florals and a classic 1950s suit side by side in New York or Paris, but it’s rare. In Milan, this image happens all the time. Embrace all facets of contemporary style. You should have both a floral suit and classic suit in your wardrobe this summer.

fashion prints
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Matching colors and prints is common practice in the fashion world, but it never ceases to impress. Be bold when you combine patterns. Matches circles with squares, vertical stripes with horizontal lines, and light designs with dark compliments. Your wardrobe should pop with decorative energy.

colorful suits
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Brace the colored suit with summer. You can piece together a vibrant blazer with shiny white slacks or go full rainbow with a monochrome sportcoat and colorful trousers. It’s the new way to keep things lively while maintaining your air of refinement.

Pitti Uomo
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There’s a lot going between this couple, and we’re not just talking about chemistry. It’s an impressive pantsuit, tasteful bling, that bare-knuckled leather glove, and office-inspired pin checked suits. Don’t think that formalwear means you must skim of trendy accessories.

casual streetwear
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Enough talk about variations on your suit style. Let’s delve into some casual streetwear for a minute. If they’re wearing sneakers, tropical button-downs, and skater trousers at Pitti Uomo, you can be sure one or two of these items need to be in your summer wardrobe.

denim tunics
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How do you take the 90s obsession with denim in a completely new direction? The Italian answer is to incorporate that favorite fabric into the tunic trend that’s sweeping fashion list summer. Wear your tunic on its own or over some casual trousers.

slogan accessories
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At Coachella, brand names were appearing on everything from bra straps to nails. That consumeristic trend continued at Pitti Uomo. Not everyone can pull off an IKEA cummerbund, and most people shouldn’t try to, but most can sling a vibrant backpack over their shoulders with favorable results.

hipster fashion
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There’s always someone walking around in hipster garb during fashion week. Usually, they’re dressed predictably iconoclastically, but this year the style took on a new hobo aesthetic. From defined trousers patches to a floral buckle and 70s rockstar hair, it looks like folk singer chic is finally back in the spotlight.

Pitti Uomo demonstrated the versatility of men’s fashion in 2017. From unconventional suits to hobo chic, there’s something for every walk of life on these runways. You just have to find your niche and start exploring.


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