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We Found You The Perfect Hair Dryer

Picking the perfect hair dryer sounds far simpler than it actually is. Sure, you can grab the first dryer you see and make it work but you’ll be missing out. When it comes to styling your hair, details matter. That’s why you should consult the experts before you step out on a limb and make your purchase. The tail-end of spring is a good time to research how to enhance your look. Summer’s approaching with impending heat and humidity that going to have extreme effects on your hair. You may be switching from a long, warm cut from the cooler months to shorter hair for the warm weather. Everything is changing just enough to make it easy to slip some new technique or tool into your daily haircare regimen. Whether you’re planning a dramatic overhaul or just to improve your current hair situation, take the time to do it right.

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Rapid airflow and a high-velocity stream are two defining factors of this quick and powerful hair dryer. It will give you the ability to precisely control air temperature and direction so you can be confident your hair is getting the best care possible. It’s sexy too, featuring a metallic fuchsia head and simple arm for easy use. It’s even compact enough to fit in your purse if you want some reinforcement on a rainy day. Everyday use is really what this product was designed for. It’s the perfect hair dryer if you’re always on the run.

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Light and very small, this is another hair dryer made for people with a busy schedule who tweak their hair on the run. It’s incredibly efficient, reducing drying time by up to 70% with unique instant heating and a powerful air flow. Does your hair tend to attract unwanted static electricity and burst into wild frizz? The Amika Mini will seal in moisture and give your hair a shiny, silky finish that doesn’t stray off in chaotic strands. Despite all these benefits, the key element of this useful dryer is how it produces heat. Infused with ceramic and tourmaline gemstones, it emits a far-infrared heat that will dry your hair fast while protecting it from heat damage.

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More traditional in design than the supersonic hair dryer, this is the product you want in your bathroom after a long day at work and a lengthy shower. It works swiftly but calmly easing heat across your scalp and hair to dry you off. This gentle process almost feels like an airy head massage, just the relaxing thing you need when you’re finishing off a busy week. Elchim allows you to really indulge the drying process and pamper yourself. Stop rushing through your haircare and spend time with some soothing heat flowing over your head. Obviously, this product is more about the experience than style. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about the outside world and just focus on how comfortable certain beauty treatments can be.

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If Kate Spade made a hair dryer, it would look like this beautiful product handmade in France. With dual ION functionality that will give you the ultimate sleek and voluminous styling, this is the perfect hair dryer to show off at the office or during an overnight bachelorette weekend. Hair dryers don’t often get to be the center of attention in your toilette, so this is a good opportunity to change things up a bit. Your hair will be shiny as flaxseed and the envy of everyone in the room while you dry it.

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It’s a very big model for today’s touch-and-go society, but the TwinTurbo can manage more settings than most of the dryers on this list. If you’re looking for a product you can use in the bathroom, it might be a good choice. Don’t expect it to feel comfortable in your hand as you wander around the room though. This is a finish-your-hair-and-walk-away kind of dryer for the more traditionally minded. Why fix a process that isn’t broke?

A lot goes into finding the perfect hair dryer. You need to know where you’ll be using it and the type of air flow that works best for your hair. Use these popular products and tips to maximize your hair drying technique this summer.


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