Perfect365 is the Makeup App of Your Dreams

Who wouldn’t want a virtual glam squad at their beck and call? To be waited on hand, foot, and face is the ultimate lifestyle. This option used to only be available to the rich and famous, but technology is changing that. Thanks the team at ArcSoft, Inc. you now have the ability to try out hundreds of hairstyles and makeup combinations at the swipe of a finger. Welcome to Perfect365, the queen of custom makeup apps. Get beauty advice from the experts without ever leaving the comfort of your room. Why do I love this app so much? Let me count the ways!

1.    It’s free. I already have an affinity for free applications for my iPhone and iPad. One look at my phone will tell you that much. This is a free app I can actually use. The useful apps usually cost money. Snag this useful one quick before the makers wise up and set a price.

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2.    It has 20 tools you can use to customize your proposed look. You may not have the money to invest in each of these tools in real life, but I’ve learned you can craft some pretty specific looks with just a few brushes. Use the virtual toolkit to make the look and then find a way to recreate it with what you have. It’s easier than you might think.

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3.    The Perfect365 app is built around the idea that you are going to experiment with new combinations, but it also comes with some Hotstyle one-tap looks. Need some quick inspiration. There are over 200 random combinations you can generate with just one tap. Literal fashion at you fingertips.

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4.    Did someone say unlimited color options? I don’t know about you, but I feel cheated if I can’t have the liberty of mixing and blending a bit to find the perfect shade. You’d be weary if a makeup app wouldn’t allow for this freedom, but Perfect365 does! Your iPhone face won’t be any color you don’t want it to be. Just don’t get carried away like Monet at his canvas.

5.    The app also features video tutorials from your favorite YouTube artists! How cool is that? You can sit there watching the experts apply a look and then get to work learning how to create it in real life. It’s the perfect trial tool for some of those more intense looks.

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6.    You’ll never run out of inspiration with the Perfect365. Every day new fashion tips and makeup ideas pop onto your screen. It’s easy to fall into the daily grind if you don’t have much time to do makeup in the morning. If you wake up to a new idea every morning, soon your brain will be inventing looks of its own!

Image Courtesy of Perfect 365

7.    You can save and share your face on social media. Love what you created on the bus with Perfect365 but can’t apply it until tomorrow? Save the look on Facebook or Instagram. If you have a particularly bit you really like, share it with friends on Twitter. Get connected and let the world know what a makeup guru you can be!

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