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Peppermint Oil Is the Perfect Soothing Superfood

You may be wondering why the benefits of peppermint oil warrant a Richard Magazine article. Some of you might even be mulling over what peppermint oil is. Well, I can assure you this impressive ingredient is an oil you should know about. It’s pretty much a superfood. Since ancient times people have used peppermint oil to soothe upset stomachs, cure colds, and treat skin irritations. In the 20th century, it’s being added to numerous cosmetic products and hundreds of toothpastes. You’re probably already making good use of the beauty benefits of peppermint oil in your daily beauty routine! Here are more ways you can maximize this superfood in your daily life.

peppermint oil
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You’ve probably sipped many a cup of peppermint tea to soothe a pesky cold. Tea is a good go-to when you’re out sick, but there are quicker ways to reap the health benefits of peppermint oil. Pour a few drops of the oil into a bowl of hot water and inhale the fumes. You can also inhale the fumes of your tea if you’d rather. The key is to inhale. Menthol, the active oil in mint, has anti-microbial properties that can clear sinusitis and treat a scratchy throat. Inhaling the pure steam gives the healthy fumes a chance to really permeate your system and speed up the healing process.

peppermint oil
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Joint pain is no fun, especially during winter. Any sports injuries giving you trouble in this frenetic weather? If so, it’s time to incorporate peppermint oil into your pain relief regimen. Mix a few drops with lavender oil and rub the concoction wherever you have pain or swelling. The oil acts as a mild sedative and natural pain killer. Peppermint oil will also fortify your nervous system if there are nerve endings you damaged in a fall.

peppermint oil
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You’ve been keeping up with your new year’s resolutions and your athleisure wardrobe is the envy of all your workout buddies. Yet, you still get home sore and exhausted. You need a relief spray that contains peppermint oil. One of the most common uses of peppermint oil is to soothe and relax tense, aching muscles. The oil creates a slight burning sensation when first applied, but the cooling sensation it leaves behind is well worth the temporary heat wave.

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Beauty manufacturers have been using peppermint oil in their shampoos for years. It’s anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties make it the perfect ingredient to help soothe an itchy scalp and give dry skin a moisturizing kick. If you want a particularly rejuvenating shower, add a drop or two of pure peppermint oil to your shampoo and let the magic happen.

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You can’t always have the foot massage we want at the end of a long day, but a few drops of peppermint oil can relax your tired feet. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of menthol will soothe your skin and release excess tension in your muscles. If you give your feet a good rub and coat them with peppermint oil massage cream before bed, it may even help you sleep better.

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The beauty benefits of peppermint oil spread broader than hair care and teeth whitening. This refreshing ingredient also makes a clarifying facial cleanser. Since it burns a little when you first apply it, mix the substance with lemon oil and water before you smear it on your face. Mix the three together and you can finally give those cheeks the refreshing cleanse they deserves. If you don’t know where to buy peppermint oil, check a local drugstore. Chains like Walgreens and Walmart usually have handy-sized bottles of this oil in their beauty section.

peppermint oil
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Historically, one of the most popular uses of peppermint oil was to cure toothaches and indigestion. It was the go-to ingredient for anyone with an inner-body ache. Menthol has adaptogenic properties which allow it compensate for whatever the body needs to correct an imbalance. Depending on your ache, peppermint oil can be an invigorating cure or mild sedative. A superfood that can adapt to the personal needs of your rebellious body? Now that’s worth trying.

You need the health and beauty benefits of peppermint oil in your life. No matter what your grumpy body is complaining about, this superfood can solve it. Go out and buy a bottle today. It’s time for your peppermint fix.



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