Pat McGrath Labs Lust Gloss

Pat McGrath Labs Is Debuting a Dazzling Lip Gloss Collection

Makeup guru Pat McGrath has been blessing us all with some of the hottest beauty products on the market. From her mega-shimmer eyeshadows to her to-die-for matte lipstick shades, we’re not even going to pretend like we’re not over here obsessively shopping her launches. Well now, the star artist is expanding her makeup empire to include lip glosses – fabulously called Pat McGrath Labs LUST Gloss, since you’re going to be craving them all.

The brand described these statement-making glosses as “ethereally erotic color meets surreally seductive shine.” So you know they aren’t playing around here. “This orally fixating balm glides on, flawlessly soothing and smoothing your lips while evoking three-dimensional lustre. Turn your lips on in ravishingly resplendent hues – ranging from teasing transparencies to negligee nudes to poetic pinks – in 14 never-sticky, sinfully scintillating shades,” the brand added on its website. “But beware: Mother’s conjured the ultimate in luxe lip paraphernalia, bound to elicit softcore seduction as unforgettable as the searing memories, passion and pleasure of first love.”

Pat debuted the first look at all 14 upcoming LUST Gloss shades on her brand’s Instagram, with a positively mesmerizing video clip.

Each translucent color lip gloss shade has a captivating name that matches its high-voltage shine, like “Blitz Gold,” “Pale Fire Nectar,” “Dare To Bare,” and “Bronze Temptation.”

“Basically, I was obsessed with Lip Fetish and I’ve always been obsessed with balms and everything,” the artist shared about the new launch at a press event. “I wanted to have something really comfortable and easy and fun to wear the way that a lip balm is. The fact that it’s non-sticky, the fact that there’s a little oil in [the formula] gives you that comfort. It’s just so easy to apply.”

You can take a look at the sparkling LUST gloss shade “Aliengelic” being swatched in the Instagram video below, just prepare to be blinded by its glistening, light-reflecting glitters.

The 14 shades of Pat McGrath Labs LUST Gloss will be available to shop on the artist’s website starting on May 10, 2018, priced at $28 each.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the big debut, so you don’t miss a chance to pick up your own favorite captivating shade.

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