Pat McGrath Labs 2018 Launches

Pat McGrath Reveals Her First Makeup Releases of 2018

Everything Pat McGrath touches turns to gold, but we are still going to claim that 2018 is going to be her best year ever. The makeup artist and beauty brand mogul just unveiled her first Pat McGrath Labs product releases of the year, and we are thoroughly impressed. Mark your calendars for January 18, because that’s when these hot new launches become shoppable!

Pat has created 11 new matte lipsticks and a luxurious 10-piece eyeshadow palette that are meant to help us all get those ripped-from-the-runway looks we crave.

“I wanted my fellow beauty junkies to be able to shop the show while recreating the looks… in real time, direct from the runways, with the actual products and the real techniques that I will be sharing on social media,” the artist shared about these products at a press event.

The new lipsticks will be broken down into a mix of neutral, bright, and dark shades, and each will retail at $38 apiece. (We are already eyeing Venus In Furs and Faux Pas ourselves.)

In addition to this special lipstick launch, Pat McGrath Labs will also be unleashing the Mothership IV eyeshadow palette into the world.

The out-of-this-world pigmentation on these dazzling new colors will have even the strongest beauty junkie among us drooling uncontrollably.

“2018 is all about indulging, inciting and inspiring acts of iconic artistry — and this palette helps make that possible,” Pat added. The palette will sell for $125 come January 18 – and despite the price tag, we definitely do not expect it to be in stock for very long.

Check out the gallery below to see an up-close and personal look at the new Pat McGrath Labs collection.

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