Pantone Travel Colors 2019

Pantone Names the Trending Colors of 2019 Travel

You may know Pantone as a major color authority who has great influence in the worlds of fashion, beauty, design, and home decor. But since 2018, the Pantone Color Institute has been teaming up with Visit Carlsbad and influencer marketing platform Fohr to uncover and study the trending hues across global travel and online photo sharing. Now, the agencies have revealed the “Colors of Travel” palette, featuring four Pantone Travel Colors 2019 selections.

The Pantone Travel Colors 2019 are Rose Dawn, Harvest Gold, Ocean Depths, and Ethereal Blue.

Pantone Travel Colors 2019

To determine the standout shades of the season, Fohr selected 75 online influencers with 50,000 or more followers, and took a look at each of their five most engaged Instagram photos. From there, the pics were analyzed, and the four most common colors were found.

Rose Dawn is a soft and dusty pink; Ethereal Blue sparkles like an ocean in the summer sun; Ocean Depths is a deep teal that reminds us of lagoons; and Harvest Gold is a warm and exotic yellow that reminds us that the sun will soon set on crisp fall days ahead.

Pantone Travel Colors 2019

Pantone and Fohr explained in press statement that it is just as important to determine trending colors in travel as it is to predict influential hues in other spaces.

“Color has always been a part of why we travel. The desire to ‘see’ a new place is rooted in a mental image we’ve already conjured: we are drawn to land and cityscapes that look drastically different to our own. Instagram’s influence over people’s travel decisions is incredibly dominant,” Grace Murray, the vice president of Fohr, said in a statement.

Pantone Travel Colors 2019

“Using a quantitative analysis approach, we discovered that the current trending, appealing, and engaging hues in inspiration travel photos are much more grounded, calming and muted compared to the vibrant hues from a similar study last year,” Murray added.

Pantone Travel Colors 2019

Have you see the Pantone Travel Colors 2019 already popping up on your Instagram feed?

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