Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Reveals Ultra Violet as the Color of the Year 2018

Whether you love fashion trends, home decor innovations, pop culture influences– or some combination of all of the above – the Pantone Color of the Year announcement is an exciting time. This year, the hue of 2018 has been revealed as the perfectly purple Ultra Violet.

This vibrant shade is a perfect fit for the fashion and beauty realms, as it’s a wearable and universally flattering hue. It’s not just pretty, though. Ultra Violet also tells quite the story, which is predicted to fit the narrative of 2018.

Pantone Color of the Year

This color “was chosen to evoke a counterculture flair, a grab for originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking,” according to Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman.

“We are living in complex times,” she said. “We’re seeing the fear of going forward and how people are reacting to that fear.” Ultra Violet’s unique mix of reds and blues specifically “speaks to thoughtfulness, a mystical quality, a spiritual quality,” the VP added.

What is Pantone?

You may hear about Pantone color selections all the time, but not yet fully grasp what it is. Pantone is regarded as a world-renowned authority on color, along with the technology behind distributing color across industries. That means designers, manufacturers, architects, and more use the brand’s innovative color-matching and identifying systems to standardize shades.

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How does Pantone pick the Color of the Year?

Pantone also prides itself on its color planner trend forecasting tool. It offers inspiration and seasonal color direction across different industries. There is actually a full international committee of color experts who compare data to select the overarching standout shade.

Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, once said the goal is to find a shade that “captures the zeitgeist of the public and yet still offers something new.”

Pantone reps also explain that there is a bit of “self-fulfilling prophesy” that happens with the Color of the Year, once it is officially chosen. We will start to see the Ultra Violet shade everywhere in 2018, for example, because of a mix of pre-existing predisposition and increased consumer demand.

That’s because once we all know that something is trendy, we’re likely to go into shops asking for it!

Why is the Pantone Color of the Year so important?

To some, a color is a color. But if you consider that a seemingly simple color can unite minds and creativity across industries, disciplines, nations, and genres, it is really quite beautiful.

Plus, colors have long been associated with greater ideologies. For example, the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet has been associated with the British women’s suffrage movement of the 1900s, Prince’s “Purple Rain,” NASA space photography, and Rihanna’s new industry-changing fashion campaigns.

How exciting it is to think what these influences will have on 2018 ahead!

Pantone Color of the Year Speech

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